About Me

Hey there! I'm Vanessa or Banessa, Danessa, Anessa or just Nessa.  Just so you know...

I'm never really serious. Ever.

I was born and raised in Nevada. I lived in a small town on two acres of sand dunes. We had gravel roads and bb guns. I wouldn't change how I grew up one bit! I went to a performing arts high school for choir but had serious stage fright until my Junior year. I prefer to sing to the kiddos I nanny instead of an audience. I'm no Beyonnce! I've been a nanny or sitter since I was 11. I love taking care of children and watching them grow and learn. Maybe one of these days I'll get back to school to become a teacher.

I'm married to a really awesome man. His name is Todd and we've been married for almost 3 years. We live in Albuquerque, NM. I work as a part-time nanny and Todd is a hydrogeologist. Don't ask me what that is because I don't know. Something about rocks and water and then my eyes glaze over.

We have two dogs who are spoiled and don't know how to behave. Ninja is a 3 year old lab we adopted from Animal Humane New Mexico. Samurai is a 10 year old rat terrier who we adopted from Espanola Valley Humane Society. They enjoy food (a lot of food), peeing on everything outside and chasing each other in circles around the living room.

Samurai is the spoiled one.

Ninja is the dirty one.

Some of my favorite things are (in no particular order): volunteering, thrift shopping, dumpster diving, bargain hunting, wandering around downtown Albuquerque, ice cream, organizing, baking cookies and sweets, cooking new meals, making lists, classic rock, traveling, road trips, making children's clothes and toys, organizing kid stuff (even though I don't have one!), watching HGTV and DIY Network, going to watch live sporting events and the Dallas Cowboys.
Age 11. Cowboys for life.

Age 24 and I still feel the same. (Me at Cowboys Stadium 2009. I'm so lucky!)

Most importantly, I love to create. I'm a 3rd generation crafter. My grandma used to make amazing porcelain dolls and while my mom didn't often enjoy crafting, she could whip up a costume on the sewing machine like no one's business. The best part is, I was always allowed to explore my creativity. I was either moving around my room or painting it road line yellow, no one told me not to dream big. I remember painting my headboard blue with a stenciled moon and glued on rhinestone stars. I was given copious amounts of crafting supplies from my aunt, grandma and mom. I'd spend hours making little newspapers and cups for my dollhouse people. I'd cut out blankets and vests for my cabbage patch kids. I loved making stuff.

This blog is my place to share what I've been working on. We recently bought our first home! It's a 1959 bungalow that is in need of a little TLC and maybe some paint. I'm so excited to finally have a place to call our own!

Thank you for reading!

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Anonymous said...

My husband loves BB guns! Don't tell anyone though, it's his little secret that he is embarrassed about! But that's typically where he spends his "fun money!" I had to laugh at your description of your husband's job. Mine is a computer engineer that works with firm ware. At one point, I knew how to describe what firm ware is. Now I don't ;)

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