Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Master bathroom renovation in progress!

Once upon a time, I noticed the master shower was a bit... peely. The paint around the shower stall had rusted in some places and bubbled in others. Usually I never use the master bathroom. It's teeny tiny and... sadly... really gross. The space is so small you can't even get a good picture of it! The vanity was too big for the space, and it was this ugly oak veneer with a cream marble sink top and copper faucet. The copper kept corroding and leaving green flakes everywhere. I could scrub that place with bleach and it still felt yucky. 

(See? So small I couldn't even get a picture of it with the shower stall! The stall is to the left in this picture.)

So I did what any good wife would do: Give that bathroom to the Mister and take over the guest bathroom as my own.

This worked for a few years... until the guest bathroom shower curtain rod broke, and I was way too lazy to put the new one up. This meant showering in the gross stall, and that brings me to noticing the peeling.

I had noticed that the shower head pointed directly on the back tile, and where the water hit the grout was nearly gone. This is an old house, built in the 50s, so old grout isn't surprising. What most people do is regrout at some point. No one did, and we sure as heck haven't. We knew at some point we'd renovate the bathrooms, so we haven't done much with them.

Until last summer.

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