Monday, May 20, 2013

Back from Florida!

I got back from Florida on Wednesday. After giving her the idea, my sister currently has to make about 12 of these:

Just to give you an idea: We went through 1100 pins to make 2 cubes. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I need to get new glasses because all of the staring has messed up my eyes. Thankfully, it's so freaking awesome that we're okay with how tedious the project is! There will also be a photobooth, chicken wings and great music in the warehouse of a local brewery.
May I get remarried?
As for my trip, we didn't do anything super touristy while I was there. It was total wedding mode! We got my sister's wedding dress and veil (it was a wedding gift from The Hubs and myself), the dresses for her future stepdaughters (seriously so cute I can't even stand it. Adorable dresses from Target with tiered ruffles in a cream/off white color), supplies for the photobooth, checked in on rentals, and other random wedding shenanigans.
My other favorite part of Florida was being around my future nieces and nephew. Those kids are so awesome, I can't even stand it! For their birthdays I bought them a small wading pool. About 2 feet deep and 6x12. They were floating and swimming like crazy! They don't know how to swim, so this little pool has made them want to try.
And I may have gotten into the pool after a long walk with my sister's dog. I remember being little and swimming and always wanting an adult to get into the pool with us. They were SO HAPPY!! And I'll admit, I kinda want my own little wading pool. My sister has even said that her and her fiance will get it when the kids are at their mother's house.
But my favorite part? Going out to eat with the kids, my sister, my future brother in law and his mom, dad and brother. I am so happy, SO HAPPY, that this family loves my sister as much as I love her. Her fiance's children absolutely adore her. They can't do anything without her as we found out when we came home at 9:30 and the kids were half comatose on the couch. They were waiting for my sister to tuck them in. I worried so much about her being out there without any family. She may be older than me, but I still worry all the same. She's been a mom and sister and friend to me all my life. I only want her to be happy. And she is happy in Florida.
When I left, I was pretty sad. I not only miss seeing my sister, but also it's so beautiful there. I was biking, swimming, running... I felt like I could be more active there than I am here. I also loved being close to family which is something we're not right now. We're kind of in no man's land out here. Just drifting. We work, eat, sleep, repeat. While we know a handful of great people, it's not really the same of being with family.

And now I want to move to Florida.
Obviously, because we just bought a house, we wouldn't be able to move for another two years or so. I just think it would be a blast. The Hubs is incredibly stubborn, so it'll take some sweet talking and a few visits, but maybe he'll come around. The reason we weren't upset with being here in Albuquerque was we thought people would be visiting us. Instead, we have to drag ourselves to Vegas to visit people. What's the difference between driving 8 hours or flying 4?

So now you know where my head is at. I can't wait to go back in July!


Bethany Lee said...

Yeah, I would need glasses after working on that too! It looks great, though. :)

Mila @jestcafe said...

I always wish I lived closer to my family everyday.

lovely post

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