Thursday, April 11, 2013

Where the Hell-O Operator Have I Been?

I have been a busy little bee. Sorta. Okay, not really. Well, a little.

Trying to finish up things before I go back to work. Baby munchkin will either show her face on the 24th or sooner.

I've been training for this:

And preparing for my trip to see my sister who lives here:

And drawing a new front yard landscaping plan in MS Paint that isn't even remotely to scale and looks horrible and makes no sense except to me (the spray paint is gravel):

And some non photo announcements!
- I broke my sewing machine.
- We played with a chainsaw and cut out almost all the shrubs in our back yard and front yard.
- We have no immediate plans to plant anything in their place.
- What else can we cut up with the chainsaw?
- The Hubs refuses to let me buy patio furniture.
- My first paycheck I get will go toward my patio furniture.
- I'm still going to make him put it together. As punishment. Because I love him and how else will he learn?
- My sister has informed me she's going to "hobble" me (ala the movie Misery) so I can't leave her. I fear she's only semi-joking.
- I am getting better at running.
- I still think running is stupid.

So there you have it! Everything you probably didn't care to know. Hooray!

1 comment:

Bethany Lee said...

Hi, Nessa! So glad to read a post from you. :) Sounds like life is busy. I hope you have blast with your sister! Hugs!

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