Monday, April 22, 2013

What did I do on Sunday? I got colorful!

Remember a billion years ago when I mentioned all my New Year resolutions?

Well, I just accomplished one on Sunday!

I ran my first ever 5k. Okay, running is an overstatement. I jogged/speed walked/sprinted/whimpered my way through it. Only half a mile in my shin started to throb. I have shin splints from all the running I've been doing. I get to buy new shoes!

Before we started. So clean!

Anyway, we ran the Color Me Rad 5k and it was a blast! For those who aren't familiar with Color Me Rad (Or The Color Run, The Graffiti Run, Color Mob, etc), you run a 5k and at checkpoints you get pelted with color cornstarch or color water spray. In the end, you look like a rainbow and your boogers are the color of Skittles. If you're a mouth breather like me, clench your mouth shut or you'll have multi-color teeth.

Even though I had to walk a good portion of it, I ended up finishing under an hour. I won't lie, I cried during the first mile and a half. My shin was burning, and even though I said I was only going to do it for fun, I started hating how slow I was. Around the 2 mile mark, a family standing along the line high fived me. It was just what I needed to get myself going again. Someone also smacked The Hubs' butt and said, "Good going!" Oh, Albuquirky...

So I finished, and I was filthy, but so so proud.

And I may be contemplating another 5k toward the end of the year. I like having something to train for. I hope next year I will kick way more booty. Another resolution was to try running one mile without stopping. I still have a way to go, but I'll get there!

And we're going to see how well Tide works. My poor sports bra got tie dyed.

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Bethany Lee said...

Congrats for completing your first 5k! I did my first one a few months ago, and I thought I was going to die! The "color" part of your run looks pretty fun though.

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