Monday, March 25, 2013

I've got quilts on the brain!

I'm going back to work soon (end of April) to watch the new baby sister of my favorite munchkin. I love making gifts for new babies over buying. It may take a little extra time, but well worth it for a quality gift.

I absolutely adore quilts. Growing up, my sister and I both had a few quilts made by my grandma and aunt. I had a yellow and green Holly Hobbies applique tied quilt. It was made by my aunt, and I literally loved it to pieces. It's currently in tatters.

My sister made herself a new quilt when her old one fell apart. She nearly threw this baby away! I kept it, and I have plans to turn her quilt into something new. It's sweet and shouldn't get tossed.

A few days ago I found some jelly rolls at Big Lots. Jelly rolls are strips of fabric used for quilting. The patterns were so sweet, and after doing some math, I realized I'd have enough to make a crib quilt for the currently baking baby munchkin.

I may now have a new obsession...

Isn't it sweet?! I adore adore adore it. I used one jelly roll, medium loft batting, and backed with dark brown Kona blend cotton. I stitched in the ditch. Don't mind the black lines. That's the shadow from our clothesline. I picked the windiest day ever to try taking outside pictures.

I think quilts get a bad wrap. Most people think they're fuddy duddy or too cutesy. I went through the world of Pinterest and found a few quilts that could be so modern and contemporary. What's more comforting than wrapping a quilt around you while you read a book, enjoy your coffee or take an afternoon nap?

This chevron quilt is so bright and airy.
Source: viaNessa on Pinterest

Gray, black and yellow are so trendy. It would work well for a neutral child's room.

I fully intend on tackling this awesome modern triangles quilt. Triangles are so in right now. I've seen them as wall treatments or pieces of wall art. I just adore how graphic the design is.

Hopefully I've swayed you into looking at quilts. I think they're so perfect for spring and summer. They never feel too heavy. Ditch the duvet and pull out the quilt!


Kelley said...

We love quilts!!! My mom is a quilter, so we have a TON of quilts at our house. We literally have two or more on every bed. And we have one hanging on the wall in our front room that my mom made for our wedding. We got married in Jan. 2000, so it's a "millennium" quilt with 2000 triangles, all from different fabrics.

Rachel O. said...

I wish I could quilt!! It's definitely something I want to learn to do someday.

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