Monday, March 25, 2013

I've got quilts on the brain!

I'm going back to work soon (end of April) to watch the new baby sister of my favorite munchkin. I love making gifts for new babies over buying. It may take a little extra time, but well worth it for a quality gift.

I absolutely adore quilts. Growing up, my sister and I both had a few quilts made by my grandma and aunt. I had a yellow and green Holly Hobbies applique tied quilt. It was made by my aunt, and I literally loved it to pieces. It's currently in tatters.

My sister made herself a new quilt when her old one fell apart. She nearly threw this baby away! I kept it, and I have plans to turn her quilt into something new. It's sweet and shouldn't get tossed.

A few days ago I found some jelly rolls at Big Lots. Jelly rolls are strips of fabric used for quilting. The patterns were so sweet, and after doing some math, I realized I'd have enough to make a crib quilt for the currently baking baby munchkin.

I may now have a new obsession...
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