Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: inexpensive art.

I haven't really done much thrift shopping in the past few months. It seems that this month has been major thrift shop time!

Usually I'm looking for things to revamp, craft supplies and fun decor items. Lately, I've been wanting more art around the house. I love rooms that have tons of collected pieces. They feel so homey and cozy! Here are a few spaces that I think feel unique and happy.

Source: via Brittany on Pinterest

I am not an expert on artwork. I usually just choose what makes me happy. I found these two prints at St. Paul catholic thrift shop. They had a few others as well, but I took the least smudgy ones. They were 2 dollars each.

I found this cute watercolor drawing at ThriftTown for 2 dollars as well. It has a dirty mat around it, but it can be removed. I thought it was sweet and kinda retro.

There is a definite nature theme. So many designers say if you take your decor nods from nature, you can never go wrong. I sure hope so! My living room walls are bare and need some life.

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Bethany Lee said...

I love your inspiration pics, and I love the treasures you've found! :)

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