Friday, February 15, 2013

I need a bigger car aka I ruined our car aka thrift shop find!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! We had zero plans except going to bed incredibly early and getting more than a few hours of sleep. We got back from a whirlwind trip to Vegas on Wednesday. We went to see some people we kinda like... okay, we love them! They're the only reason we'd drive all that gosh darn way!

We have this list of things to do in Vegas that we do every time we visit. On the list is pick up new UNLV swag for Hubs (his alma mater), eat at yummy restaurants, hit up the thrift shops and the outdoor swap meet.

I gotta say, the outdoor swap meet is totally sad now. It used to be about digging through people's random stuff. Now there is so much "business" which is sad. I do, however, enjoy dragging Hubs kicking and screaming taking Hubs on a magical adventure of thrift shops.

Every time we go somewhere, I always buy something big. I can't help it! For some reason, I still believe our car is like Mary Poppins' carpet bag. It seems like you can fit an entire bedroom set in that sucker.

So when I saw this adorable end table at my favorite Savers, neither of us believed it would be too big for our car. Remember I brought home that awesome avocado chair in my car. I can fit anything in there! We had to put the front seat down flat, then slide it through the front door to the backseat. I still scraped the roof of the car though. There's a lovely little battle scar now. Sorry, Hubs!

Isn't it just beautiful? You get to see it inside the house! Apparently I was speaking a very loud jibberish when I repeatedly asked him not to bring it in the house. It needs some work. The top is peeling a bit. I think a bit of paint will make it happier. We have waaaaaaay too much mid-tone brown in the house. The downside of mid-century pieces. I'm not going to go crazy with color, but something a bit more special.

I love that it matches the bar cart I found at the Albuquerque Savers. I'm going for that ethnic/world traveled look.

I also feel like I need to add a bit of an update seeing how I linked a few pieces that haven't been seen in ages. The avocado chair is in pieces in the garage. Hubs was sitting in it and playing with Ninja. Instead of swiveling the chair, he leaned sideways in it and the leg snapped. I won't lie, my heart broke a bit. I can't bare to toss the chair, so I'm saving it in hopes I'll magically learn to build new chair bases. The bar cart is sitting in between the couches as a side table. I kinda hate it there. You can't see the awesome cutouts which makes me a sad panda. I will eventually move it elsewhere.

Oh, and you can't beat a visit to the discount shoe store, home of the $3.95 shoes! I picked up three pairs of flats. The store is located in Vegas on Maryland Parkway across from the Boulevard Mall. They do specialize in super high heeled shoes, but their selection of flats is amazing. Not all the shoes are $3.95, but they rarely are over 14 dollars a pair. I got three pairs of shoes and a new purse for 37 dollars. I purchased flats from them before and they lasted longer than a similar pair from Target that were twice as much.

Don't mind how dirty the pink ones are. We stopped to get gas and Hubs parked right in front of a leaking hose. I pretty much went feet first into a huge dirt puddle. Nothing a little scrubadub won't help!

I wish the weather would warm up more. I can't wait to paint a few living room pieces!

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