Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine's Day mantel is finally done!

Sheesh, this sucker took awhile!

The rag garland was made from my fabric stash. I saw something similar at Michael's and came thisclose to buying it, but realized that I could just DIY. I cut strips about 8 inches long and an inch or so wide. I tied them to a strand of yarn. It came out so cute! The lights are from Target's dollar section. The red pompom yarn was a dollar at Big Lots. The red/white/pink pompom garland was a DIY. I made it with red embroidery thread and pompoms from Dollar Tree. It was so easy! Just take an embroidery needle, thread the embroidery thread, then poke needle through each pompom. It's so tight that they don't really move. We don't use our fireplace which is why I'm a-okay with things dangling across the front. I wouldn't do it if our fireplace had a fire going.

I bought the apothacary jars from Marshall's months ago. Inside the tall one, I poured in two bags of table scatter from Dollar Tree. I then stuck in Dollar Tree heart picks. In the shorter one, I threw in some bead necklaces from Joann Fabrics' dollar section.

Inside the apothacary jar, I shoved in some foam glitter hearts from Joann Fabrics. The candle holder was on 90% off clearance at Hancock Fabrics. On top I put a (not so finished ran out of flowers) pomander of fake flowers. It was so easy! Take a foam ball, put the heads off some fake flowers and stab them into the ball. So cute!

In the center I have some dollar frames from Michael's. They spell out love. They're sitting on two boxes from Dollar Tree. Those sit on top of a wire basket from Target's dollar section. The boas were from Hobby Lobby and I got them 60% off. Boas are pricey!

So that's it! I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out. I have never decorated for Valentine's Day. It's actually a lot of fun! It's one of my favorite holidays. I tell everyone I love them all the time, but it's nice having a day to be gushy with them.

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