Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DWD: Decorating While Depressed.

Have you noticed that fall colors are rich and warm like hot chocolate? Then winter colors are often twinkling and jeweled like Christmas ornaments. Spring colors are light and airy like blooming tulips and fresh grass. Summer colors are vivid and bright like summer sun and glistening water.

Well ya know what? When you're depressed, you don't notice that. This past year, I've been fighting with situational depression. We all know where I'm at procreation-wise. I couldn't get into school this semester. The Hubs has been out of town 20 days every month. Work for me has been slim to none. Things just haven't really went my way. There were days where I laid on the couch all. day. long. I was at that point where I felt like I was pretty much useless. I tried to get spurts of energy and to focus, but it always fizzled.

And when you're forced to work on home projects while depressed? Bad things happen. Like painting your living room gray. With gray couches. And dark tables with brass accents. And nothing sparkly or colorful. And only one window and two lamps. Yeah.

Well the only way to get past situational depression (for me anyway) is to change the situation. I'm back to eating better and the gym every morning. I'm setting goals for myself to keep me focused. The Hubs made it clear that this room is not getting painted again. I don't know why. He didn't paint it the last time!

I was at Hancock Fabrics and found this awesome fabric in the clearance section. I bought the last two yards. I just absolutely love the colors. They're so bright and cheerful. I know chevron is probably on the way out, but I am mostly a fan of the colors.

I promise you, things are starting to look up. I have to figure out how to de-gray my house and my life. No more gray. Okay, there will be gray. I still like gray.

And my favorite gray? The muzzle of my old man face, Samurai. He's almost 11 and his favorite place is snuggled next to the heat vent. My little baked potato.

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Bethany Lee said...

I love your new fabric, and I am so glad that you're feeling better about everything now. :) I know it's tough, and I'm here if you need me. Hugs!

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