Thursday, January 24, 2013

Duct tape dollar store mirrors.

Even though I live in the desert, it's still a higher elevation desert making it very cold. These past few weeks it hasn't gotten past 40 degrees as a high. What do you do when you want to spray paint?!

You don't.

I had my revamped starburst mirrors over the fireplace for awhile, but they were bland. We discussed in my last post that I was DWD last year. I knew I wanted something bigger, brighter and more reflective over the fireplace. As it is, we have only one window and it's an east facing window. After the early morning, we don't get much light shining through.

I've seen mirrors at Dollar Tree many times. In fact, I have some really awesome ones (for a later project where I really do need to spray paint). I was wandering around Dollar Tree for Valentine's Day decorations when I came across plain 8x10 silver framed mirrors.

I knew I needed color, but spray painting in a 30 degree garage wasn't feasible. Instead, I went to Target's hardware section to scope out duct tape. Duct tape now comes in so many colors and patterns! I couldn't decide between a beautiful blue or a gorgeous purple, so I bought both. Those two rolls still didn't cost as much as a can of spray paint!

As for wrapping technique. I found that wrapping the corners first and then each side was easiest. These frames were glued to the mirror, so I just worked around it. I cut it so well that I was able to use one strip of duct tape for both same size edges. I barely made a dent in the tape, and I wrapped 9 mirrors!

So for 12 dollars, I now have 9 awesome blue mirrors. I have put up the last three, but you can totally see my Valentine's Day mantel! I'm not ready to display that yet! The duct tape wasn't super sticky. You could easily remove it and change the colors. You could use a solid color on the frame and then a patterned tape on the mirror like a mat. I got my color without having to freeze my buns off with the spray paint!

Oh my, I need to dust those mirrors!

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Bethany Lee said...

So cute! I love the pop of color!

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