Monday, December 3, 2012

Large and in charge rectangular Christmas wreath!

I knew I wanted something big over the fireplace. During a sale at Joann Fabrics, I bought 3 small wreaths. I had envisioned hanging them over the fireplace and putting little ornaments on them and be done with it.

Sounds boring.

Really boring.

Yawnfest 2012.

I wandered around some of my favorite stores looking for a big fat wreath. HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Ross, Target, Hobby Lobby, back to HomeGoods (please Albuquerque HG, move to a place with better parking!) and you get the picture. Everything was incredibly expensive. I couldn't justify spending 100+ dollars for a large wreath. I needed to DIY.

I started with a huge 6 dollar piece of foamcore. It was about 3ft x 2 ft... maybe bigger. I had about 60 feet of garland in our stash and I purchased a box of 3 dollar mini lights at Target. I also bought a 5 dollar box of glittery ornaments.

To be honest, I'm on the fence about writing a tutorial for this. I didn't get many pictures of the process plus I'm unsure how well it'll hold up. Let me break it down: I cut out a frame, then I used ornament wire (those packs you can buy anywhere for a dollar) to attach the Christmas lights. I wrapped the entire wreath with garland. I had to buy an extra 20 feet and take apart another project to have enough so it probably took 80-100 feet of garland. I attached the ornaments to the frame using fishing line to give it that floating look.

The final product is just so pretty. I love the glow. It's heavy and you have to be careful that you DO NOT LEAVE IT UNATTENDED! Christmas lights get hot! I made sure to pull the lights away from the board as I wrapped but it could be dangerous.

So here is my mantle. It isn't completely finished. I was just so excited to show off my wreath!

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Jen said...

Very pretty!
Love the shape! Its very unique!

Bethany Lee said...

I love this!

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