Tuesday, November 27, 2012

$2 mini Christmas trees and I'm finally back!

It's been over a month since I last posted! GAH! Big craziness here. For some reason, I was marked as a spam blog and got locked out. Took awhile to get reinstated but here I am! HOORAY! I have so much to share with you.

First and foremost, my boss lady is having a second girl. Hooray for that! Boo that I started a blue pirate/sealife blanket for baby. Not that a girl can't have blue, but I am usually pretty awesome at guessing baby gender. She said that everyone else thought it was a boy too. Maybe this one will be a tomboy or something.

Second of all, I didn't finish my 31 Days series, but I do have back up posts. I promise to load 'em up. I didn't get to share my super organized craft room. It is so much easier to work in there now that it's not a disaster.

Third, I'm so excited for Christmas. It's our first Christmas in our first house, and I got to put up Christmas lights. Okay, I lie... The Hubs was the one climbing up and down on the ladder while I held the lights. It's his fault for being tall! I'm really hoping our neighbors get into the spirit of things. Only two of us have lights up. I need an extension cord for some of the lights and then I can post pictures. It's quite a hodgepodge, but I didn't want to buy a ton of new lights. Those suckers are pricey. Christmas clearance will hopefully have cheap cheap lights.

Fourth (oh yes, it's been awhile!) our first Halloween in our new house was a success. We handed out full size candy bars and didn't have any left after the evening was over. One girl was so excited she just kept saying thank you. The Hubs had a Hulk mask and fists along with a green sweater. He had too much fun.

Fifth, my 20 dollar Target tree died. The base completely broke in half. Have you seen their new 20 dollar trees? They're tinsel and a pole! We ended up buying a brand new tree which is bigger and fluffier than the old one. Don't feel bad for my broken tree. It's going to get a new life soon.

Now to my adorable 2 dollar mini Christmas trees! I love Dollar Tree for cheap, inexpensive holiday decorations. You can't beat the price. I saw these hideous little tinsel trees and passed. Then I backtracked and looked again. I grabbed two along with a couple rolls of garland.

The tinsel is just wrapped around a plastic cone structure. I don't think it was even tied down, just wrapped around. This is what it looks like unraveled.

You don't need to do much to wrap them. The garland I used was wired. I slipped the garland in between the teeth of the cone. I started at the top leaving a little excess, then wrapped my way down. I tucked the excess into the wrapping on top, and when I got to the bottom I cut off the extra and wove the end piece around the bottom. If it looks "bald" in some places, stick your hand into the cone and push the needles through. It'll look fluffy in no time!

Now you can decorate it anyway you want. You can use mini ornaments or beaded garland. Before I wrapped my second tree, I wrapped it with battery operated LED lights. I suggest LED because they don't get hot which could melt/burn. I also suggest using name brand lights (or the very least a store brand) and not using dollar store lights. The LED lights I have are Phillips, so I feel I can trust them. They match the blue lights on my Christmas tree.

Can't wait to show you my Christmas mantle! Still working on unloading Christmas decorations. Oh, and here's a weird thought: if my Christmas tree is fake, why is it shedding needles? :)

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Bethany Lee said...

Such a neat idea! Glad you're back too. :)

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