Monday, October 1, 2012

Pressed penny specimen art.

Just be warned: For the next month, there may be multiple posts a day. I am doing the 31 Days of Easy Organization along with regular projects.

Our trip to Colorado was an absolute blast! It was wonderful getting to spend time with Todd, and Colorado is beautiful in autumn. I have never seen trees in different colors than brown and green. Autumn colors are gorgeous in real life!

Whenever we go on vacation, I like to buy three types of souvenirs. I always buy a state shot glass. It's a habit starting with my sister collecting them, and now I do as well. I also like buying postcards. I tend to buy a couple. On the back of one, I write down our trip highlights and keep it in a safe place. I'm drawn to vintage looking postcards such as a WPA-style art or retro style pictures. I hope to have a postcard from all 50 states and then have them bound in a book. It's a great little memento of our trips together.

I may wax poetic about my third souvenir choice. Pressed (or smashed/smushed) pennies are the sweetest trinkets. I adore them. When I was younger I liked them, but it wasn't until our honeymoon that I became obsessed. For 51 cents you get to choose a design and crank out your own little piece of personal history. It is getting harder and harder to find pressed penny machines. They're often found in the back of the gift shop or in a hidden location on a busy boardwalk. Even asking someone if they have them illicits a confused stare and shoulder shrug. I get a giddy rush whenever I see them peeking around the corner. I carry pennies and quarters on vacation just in case I find a machine. I just love them.

Because I've amassed a small collection in the 3 years Todd and I have been married, I decided to show off a few in art. My little penny passport was full!

You need a picture frame, foamcore board, a piece of scrapbook paper (not pictured), an exacto knife and foam double sided stickers. These help make the pennies pop from the frame. I also ended up using a different frame because the glass was glued to this frame. You'll need to remove the glass. I also added the scrapbook paper at the last minute because the whole thing looked plain. I kinda wished I had used a map style paper but it may have been too busy.

Pop out the glass, then cut your foamcore board to fit in the frame. It's incredibly hard to get the frame backpiece on but just push down on the sides to make it work. You could also just use a cardstock type paper. I didn't glue the scrapbook paper. The foamcore board was so tight it didn't move!

You'll need to decide on how to arrange your pennies. I chose a few of my favorites and did them in 4x3 pattern. I then attached the foam sticker to the back and then to the picture frame. After that, you're done!

Isn't it awesome? I'm happy to be able to show off a few of my pressed pennies. I love having things from our travels surrounding us.


Jenn said...

I love it!

Can't believe you've never seen the beautiful colors of fall! What a great experience it must have been for you. Hope you took lots of pictures! :-)

Misty K. said...

I love this idea. My son finds his smashed pennies from Disneyland every once in a while then he loses them again after a few days of carrying them around. This would be cute to keep track of them for once.

Bethany Lee said...

This is such a great idea! It's cute and has sentimental value, which is awesome!

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