Monday, October 1, 2012

{31 Days} Welcome to the Start of Easy Organization!


I'm so excited to cap off the first day of October with the 31 Days series. Every day for the month of October I'll be sharing with you many plans to help organize your house, car and life! I hope to bring you cheap (maybe even free!) projects and tips to help you make sense of everything.

The truth is, I LOVE organizing. I love organizational tips and tools. I love sorting! In fact, I just recently spent 8 hours sorting out a large popcorn tin of Legos... all because I wanted them to be split equally between my sister and myself. Yes, I'm crazy, but love me anyway.

When we lived in our apartment, we HAD to be organized. There wasn't space in the place to be messy. When we moved into our house, things just exploded! There were things left behind in our garage and in the house. As we unpacked boxes, we realized we didn't need/want certain things... and they went to the garage.

Our garage now looks like this:

Scary, right? We walk through our garage into our laundry room which looks like this most of the time.

Our pantry is located in the laundry room and was built by an idiot. There is very little shelving and a ton of wasted space. We have food on our kitchen counters because we can't fit it all in there. It drives me bonkers!

And does anyone else's fridge look like this?

Now that you've seen my disasters, you can see why we need organization. I cannot wait to start in on these projects! I hope you decide to join me in this process. I'll be going room by room showing you different ways to organize and sort. I also want to share how to organize emergency kits and your own car. It'll be a blast!


Amy said...

I will be following along and I look forward to seeing what you share this month!

Jenn said...

I can't wait to see your results! I love organization. My life wouldn't work without

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