Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{31 Days} Day Three: What's in the box?

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We've purged together, right? Obviously, it doesn't go as fast as we'd like. It took weeks to purge everything in our house. This included purging before even moving into our house in February. It's really hard!

There are obviously things that you still need to store. No one wants to leave their toiletries, medications and vitamins, jewelry, tools etc out for everyone to see. Of course, if you throw it all into a drawer or cabinet, you'll never find it. It gets too crazy.

There is a reason places like The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond and IKEA are so popular. People want their lives to be organized. It gives us a sense of control in our fast paced chaotic lifestyles. Who doesn't love walking into a room and knowing exactly where everything is? It feels amazing!

Most people think it's hard to get organized. It doesn't have to be! We purged yesterday. It may take more than a day to really get down to the bare essentials. Once you get only have what you need and only a little of what you want, you can start finding a place for everything (and everything in its place).

Containers don't have to be incredibly expensive. Places like Dollar Tree, Target's Dollar Spot and thrift shops can have almost everything you need! Here are some of my favorite containers.

A few tips from me:
- Don't splurge on cute containers if they're only going to be hidden away. Inexpensive plastic boxes work just as well.
- Try to stick to one color. Too many different colors can come off as busy and visually messy.
- Stick to one size. One size makes stacking easier and looks less mismatched.
- Clear containers help you find items quicker, but allow people to see into your clutter. Use opaque/solid color containers for personal items and clear for items like holiday decor or extra cords.
- Place a small tray or bowl next to your bed and on your bedroom vanity. This will help corral your jewelry making it easier to find.
- Be realistic. Tiny boxes are absolutely precious, but they don't make practical storage.
- Keep 'em manageable. A giant plastic tote filled with stuff is not only awkward, but incredibly heavy. Separate into smaller categories (Christmas lights, Christmas tree ornaments or winter coats, winter snow suits) and into smaller boxes. That way you don't need to raid a huge box of baby stuff just to get to a small bag of plastic cutlery.
- Sort before you buy. Get an idea of what you need instead of buying ahead of time. I'm so guilty of buying organizational items that I end up never using. If you want to buy ahead of time, save the receipts so you can return the unused items.
- Don't forget to shop the discount stores! Places like Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Big Lots and other cheap stores often have tubs and baskets for a steal.
- Think outside of the box. Vaccuum sealed bags work great for bulky items like blankets and clothes.

I hope these tips give you some ideas. I have a few projects coming up that I can't wait to show off including a pantry overhaul!

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