Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{31 Days} Day Sixteen: The Garage is CLEAN!

Okay, not super clean. Not gorgeously organized and color coded with matching shelving. That would be not only difficult but EXPENSIVE. This is all about EASY organization right? Working with what ya got? Well, that's what I did here.

Remember what it looked like before? It was quite the disaster.

What did I do to get it to this?

Well, a lot of elbow grease, sweat, blood and tears went into this project. No, seriously, I have a bruised toe and a blood blister on my finger because of this darn garage. Our goal was to park our car on one side of our garage and then park my barely running, taking up space but I'm afraid to sell it because what if we need a second car car in the driveway on the other side. That way we have a workspace for projects.

A few tips to help you with a project like this:
- Purge purge purge! We had a yard sale and we donated a huge chunk of stuff to Animal Humane New Mexico Re:Tail thrift store.
- Something I want to do now that the space is cleared up: use matching boxes/tubs. This makes stacking easier and gives the space even more of an organized look.
- Break your garage into sections. We have all our sports equipment in one corner, tools in another corner, etc.
- Keep your garden tools either hung up on the wall or in a container to keep them within easy reach.
- Tack up a shoe organizer in your garage. Put your cleaning supplies in the pockets. It keeps cleaning products out of the hands of kiddos and makes them easier to see. Keep a tote underneath the organizer, so you can load up and go!
- Keep your gardening tools near the door that leads to the yard.
- Keep bugs at bay. Have your garage sprayed inside and out for bugs.
- If you keep your luggage in the garage, make sure it's empty and free of food and drinks. Put cedar balls or sachets inside and zip it all pockets.
- If you live in a wet area or have a garage that may flood, put only plastic tubs on the garage floor. Also keep your more valuable items up high.

Some before and afters!

This was my workbench area before:

Here's the after! All I had to do was straighten up. The plastic drawers hold tools, paint supplies, screws and nails and safety gear. I keep my spray paint on ledges to the left on the wall where our garage door is. Underneath I keep our extra pieces of wood.


After: Todd got an expedit bookcase at IKEA while in Denver. He had two Target bookcases in his office that were sent to the garage with the other two bookcases. I moved them against the wall and put everything I needed in there. I put up our extra drinks, water, and paper products along with wood craft supplies, extra organizers, and on top projects I need to get to.

Todd brought this white rolling bin home from work. It was about to get tossed out, but the dividers make it perfect to hold our garden tools and extra wood planks.

This area still needs work. I want to get better tubs for storing everything.

So that's pretty much it. It still needs work, but for now, I'm very VERY happy!


Mindy said...

i am laaaamee but i LOVE a clean garage. love your organized paint cans!!!

Jenn said...

Wow! Lookin good! Organization = Clean.

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