Thursday, October 4, 2012

{31 Days} Day Four: I hope this all works out!

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I wanted to share with you a very stupid interesting project I decided to do with absolutely no real plan a lot of thought and effort put into it.

I decided to rebuild our pantry.

When I first came up with the idea, I didn't think anything of it. I thought it would be a very quick project. I thought wrong.

First, the walls in our 50+ year old house are made of either very old drywall or pure evil. I haven't decided yet. Second, the screws didn't go through so I ended up stripping a screw... which made it so hot it burned my hand. Third: I have no idea if these will actually hold my shelving. Fourth, I have no idea if this house was built with studs. I can't find them and neither can our stud finder. We don't have plaster walls. It's just the weirdest thing ever!

I found some screws that work but are too short. Tomorrow is a trip to Ace to buy those screws and then a trip to Lowes to return the screws that didn't work.

So this is what our pantry is looking like:

And this is our kitchen:

Scary, isn't it? I HAVE TO MAKE IT WORK!


Jenn said...

You can do it!!! Our pantry was functional but nasty when we moved in. I was so thankful my sister was willing to take the time to clean it up and re-paint it while we were busy with other projects! We wouldn't survive without that pantry closet now!

Misty K. said...

Just an idea. I added more shelves to my walk-in pantry this way because there was a large area with no shelves.Why not just but a sturdy storage rack such as for garages and now that you have the old shelves out put the storage rack in it's place, then all you have to do is a little anchoring just to be's an example

Anonymous said...

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