Friday, October 5, 2012

{31 Days} Day Five: May your bathroom always be functional.

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I'm not much of a girly girl. I don't own copious amounts of hair goo, makeup, electric hair tools and other female gobblygook. If YOU own copious amounts of gobblygook, then this may not be the most awesome organization ever. Also, this is MY bathroom. I don't share a bathroom with Todd. He has the master bathroom and I use the hallway bathroom. There were a few reasons. 1. The master bathroom is a small shower stall. There isn't enough room for all my shower stuff and leg shaving. 2. The vanity is small and Todd has a ton of crap. 3. The mirror is too high for me to comfortably put on makeup. 4. The storage is ridiculous. There's a super high cabinet and then a couple drawers... and Todd has claimed it all.

Because of the master bathroom's issues, I have taken over the "guest" bathroom. I'm pretty sure the pink shower tiles really help make it special. Either way, it's mine and I like not sharing!

A few bathroom tips:
- Make sure your makeup isn't expired. Rules vary by each item. ALWAYS toss and/or disinfect items after infection or illness such as cold sores, pink eye, etc.
- Use baby shampoo to wash your makeup brushes.
- If your drawers are wide enough, use silverware trays to organize combs, makeup brushes, eyeliners, etc.
- For those who have lots of makeup, keep a small makeup bag under the sink. You can add the palette you use for the day into the bag and then unload for the next.
- Check and make sure your meds aren't expired. You can use SOME medications a little past expiration. The longer it's been expired, the less potent it will be. We usually keep some meds a few months after expiration and then toss. Always check with your doctor. We got the advice from Todd's mom who is a nurse.
- Put your perfumes and colognes on a pretty tray on your vanity. It's decorative and functional. - Keep a small bowl or box to hold your jewelry while you shower or sleep.

Here's my bathroom before. It's a disaster, right? It's been like this for a WEEK! Oh yes, I'm so lazy.

A few things bothered me. I didn't like that everyone could see our meds in the cabinet below the mirror. It drove me bonkers. I hated that my makeup drawer was a disaster. Under the sink clutter made it hard to find stuff. With a few cheap containers, I finally got my mess in order!

I found these containers at Dollar Tree. I bought two packs and used them to organize my makeup. I keep a makeup bag now in the medicine cabinet. I can just add what I want and put it in the bag.

This is the other vanity drawer. I keep very little in here.

Here's the under the sink mess! Gross, right? (sorry if it's TMI!)

I found black locker shelves on clearance at Target. They were 2 bucks each. The plastic containers are from Dollar Tree. In the red topped one, we keep all our first aide supplies. Underneath is a container of headbands, combs and other hair stuff.

On top of this shelf is dog shampoo and their hair rake and their nail clippers. Below is a box of lotions and sunscreens. Next to that are the bathroom cleaning supplies and then my box of nails stuff. I got it from my sister and it's awesome! Each container holds files, polish, pumice stones, etc.

I put all our meds in a purple container I got on Target clearance for 5 dollars (it was a pack of two). If we had children I WOULD NOT DO THIS! It's not safe by a long shot. We have no kids though so meds can stay down there. There's a white bag on in there. Those are my fertility things, and I want to get a solid box to put them in.

So I hope you get a few ideas for organizing your mess! It cost me under 10 bucks to get this mess under control. There are so many ideas out there in blogland that are also inexpensive. Good luck!

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Positively Alene said...

Love your organization! Lord knows I need some. Do you hire out??? Blessings from 31 days.

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