Friday, August 31, 2012

I promise I'm an organized person.

First and foremost, I would like to ask everyone to refrain from using that damn F-word for another month or two. That's right, quit saying FALL! It's not fall yet. It's still hot. I still need to run my swamp cooler 24 hours a day. It's not time to bust out the sweaters. Quit using that awful awful word.

When we moved into our house back in February, we painted my craft room. Since then I have not been able to get this room to function. It has become a storage space where I keep projects until I can work at the kitchen table on them. It's getting pretty ridiculous.

I wish I could tell you what was wrong with my situation. It isn't really for a lack of space because I have TONS of space. It just doesn't work. I don't have a workspace for projects. I cannot make this room a place for me to be! It's not the color. I love the color. It's just that I never made a plan before buying stuff. That is why it's so hard. I never sat down and really thought about what I needed. I just bought a bunch of useless stuff that will never get used.

Why am I sharing this with you? October is fast approaching and it'll be the 31 Days challenge. Last year was a dismal failure because I didn't feel like writing about my life. This year, however, I intend on writing about:

I will be honest: Don't expect to see lots of cardboard boxes miraculously turned into gorgeous bins. I love crafting but upcycling has never been my strong suit. It would look like a cardboard box with coverup. This year I have a huge huge HUGE list of projects to focus on. I'm actually someone who enjoys organizing. I'm pretty sure that's the only Capricorn characteristic I have. It's been a struggle getting to the point of organization. I hope to share with you lots of cheap projects mixed with some big ones. It'll be a blast.

I want to leave you with a picture of a new piece of art I acquired. It's from a little known artist. She works in watercolors but prefers copious amounts of glitter glue. This artist is incredibly talented at writing her name along with any word you spell out to her. She's only 4, but wants to pursue an artist/dancer/doctor/teacher degree.

Okay, so she's the munchkin I nanny. I love this child. We are best friends. She took a dandelion puff and made a wish that I would also be her mommy. She's wonderful. Her favorite thing to do is present me with a piece of art when I come over. She asked me if I keep her artwork, and I tell her that I do. She was so happy and replied, "my dad recycles my pictures." WHAT?! How could that be? This painting has a lot of the colors I like for my craft room. It's incredibly abstract which I like. I love how it looks like a hummingbird and a flying elephant. That's my interpretation at least. I think every child should have a framed piece of art somewhere in someone's house. It doesn't have to be intricate or incredibly goofy (ie. macaroni art). Give the child two colors you love and let them go to town! I'm such a sucker for children's artwork. You should see our fridge!

Well that's it from me. I can't believe it's going to be September tomorrow. What in the world is going on around here? Where did this year go?!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Faux nailhead trim letter.

I'll admit it, I LOVE nailhead trim. I think it's gorgeous. Right now we don't have any pieces in our house that can benefit from nailhead trim. I'm pretty sure our bedroom will be saturated with sparkly nailhead adornments!

Of course, that stuff is pricey. Last year I saw tons of faux nailhead trim using dollar store thumbtacks. Genius! I just had to try it.

I found the A in Target's dollar section for, you guessed it, a dollar! It's the initial of our last name. Well, Todd's last name. I haven't bothered to change my name yet and even when I do, I'm hyphenating. Not that you cared to hear that story. Let's move on!

So you'll need an accessory to make pretty. I used this cardboard letter. You could use any sort of item made from wood or paper/cardboard. You'll need paint and a paintbrush (I used craft acrylic even though fabric paint is pictured. Whoops!). You'll also need thumbtacks. Dollar Tree carries silver and brass/gold. I ended up using brass gold because I LOVE brass at the moment. The glue is optional. I'll explain later.

First you will paint your pretty. If you use the Target letters, I'd suggest sanding them down a bit before painting or use a primer. I had some dings.

After the paint dries (I did my giant pile of dishes between coats) you'll lay out your pattern. You don't have to do a simple outline. You could fill the entire letter in, stripes, zigzag... whatever you want!

After you made sure they fit, get to pushing! If you have to make a hole bigger, you'll need the glue to make sure it doesn't fall out. I found that just pushing them through was enough. After all the pushing, you'll have an adorable little letter!

I love that I finally crafted something for myself. It was a blast! You don't have to just use wood/cardboard. Using metal snips, you could cut the pin off the thumbtack and then glue the tops to your item. You'll want to use the appropriate glue. This project cost me 3 dollars. One dollar for the letter and 2 dollars for the two boxes of thumbtacks. I have a plan for the silver tacks so don't feel bad for them!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Like you really want to see more hairbows!

I had planned out a "Foodie Friday" post but NONE of the pictures would upload. *kicks photobucket in the face*

So instead, here are more hairbows I've made!

I found out how to make curled ribbon which is a ton of fun. I don't have permission to post her picture, but I made my favorite little munchkin purple curled ribbon clips and she LOVED THEM! In fact, I've never seen her get ready for school so quickly. She was thrilled that her pigtails were "cheerleader-like". I guess the ribbon reminds her of pompoms.

The flowers are also incredibly adorable. They make me smile! I can just imagine them on the head of a cute little munchkin.

I have plans to make some stretchy headbands as well. I really want a good variety of items in my booth this year. Last year my bibs and burpcloths didn't sell very well. It's kind of a pity too because I've received many compliments on how well they hold up!

I can't wait to show you what's in the works for next week. It means finally busting out the sewing machine!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hairbow display for my future craft fair endeavors!

I just want to say thank you to all the lovely ladies who commented on my last post! It's one of those bittersweet moments knowing that you're not alone, but hating that anyone else is dealing with this crap! It really put me in a depressive funk these past few weeks.

But it's onward and upward! Last year I did two craft fairs and lemme tell you something: I.Was.Not.Prepared. Not even a little bit. Not even a smidge. I really just threw everything on the table and hoped people would like it all.

Well, I didn't do so well. People didn't want to "disturb" my display so they barely looked through anything. No one could tell what certain things were. It was just a jumble. A major jumble.

Not this year, my friends! No, I finally got a head start on the craft fairs! Last year I signed up with only a couple weeks of notice. This year I'm a few months ahead. Go me! This gives me time to perfect my display.
If you've been following my previous posts about the ribbon (here and I think here) stash, you can imagine I have about five billion hair bows and adornments to make. Obviously, I need a special way to display them. I could just toss them all in a big bowl and let the shoppers have at it... but that wouldn't be very pretty, would it?

You'll need a few things: A picture frame, foamcore board, shelf liner (or fabric or scrapbook paper), ribbon, glue and/or staple gun, primer and paint.

I didn't get a ton of pictures of the process. I was starting to get a cold, so my fuzzy brain wasn't processing well. You'll need to sand down the frame. I got my frame from Savers for 10 bucks. It's pretty beefy. I think it's a bit over 2 feet by 3 feet... maybe bigger. Once you give the frame some tooth, cover it in primer. I used Zissner BIN 123 primer. I then painted it with a sample of Olympic One French Riviera. So pretty and bluuuuue!

Before I painted, I measured the inside of the frame and cut my foamcore board to fit. I used packing tape to tape the pieces together. I needed two pieces. I got my foamcore at Dollar Tree. Love that place!

I used shelf liner I found at Marshall's. I ended up doing both sides because my first side was really wonky. Make sure if you're using shelf liner to go slow and press out all the bubbles as you stick it to the paper. I have a few creases which you thankfully can't notice.

I put that aside and used glue AND a staple gun for the ribbon. Once the pieces were glued but not completely dried, I used my staple gun to make the ribbon taunt. Didn't work amazingly well in some places, but it's okay.

I stapled my board to the back and was finished! I love the colors! I need to add a ribbon to the back so I can hang the frame onto my clothing rack. Of course, I'll need to weigh the clothing rack down, but that'll be easy.

So what do you think? I like it a lot. I think it'll get noticed at the fairs. Now I must finish embellishing all those blank clips!

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Let's get serious because I need to be real today.

We have been trying to have a baby since September 2010. There, I said it! It's shameful and embarrassing and uncomfortable to admit. I don't discuss procreation with my family or friends. Our families just think we're waiting for the right time. I know they're getting impatient, but there's no way that I'm telling them, "oh, it's almost been 2 years now. Thanks for making me feel guilty."

That's exactly how I feel: guilty. Like it's all my fault we're not having a baby. Who knows whose fault it is. It could be that I barely see my husband. I see him 8 days out of every month. It could be bad timing. It could be numerous things. I know the first thing out of people's mouths would be, "well, you're too fat to get pregnant."

So I've been exercising and dieting and doing everything I can to lead a healthy life. I gave up this month. I ate horribly. I didn't go to the gym. I just didn't have it in me because finally those two years of trying just got to me. This month has been a real doozy.

I had my first month of ovulation tests and I didn't ovulate once. I read in the instructions that sometimes women don't ovulate every month, but that really didn't comfort me. Now I feel like something is truly wrong and it's time to make the doctor's appointment. I'm scared that the doctor will dismiss my fears and just tell me to lose weight or take vitamins. I'm afraid of my fears being treated roughly. I won't lie: I want the doctor to coddle me. I want an optimistic opinion with all the sugar coating they can muster!

It's the worst feeling to be sitting with this disappointment. I'm at the age where many of my friends are having kids, and it kills me every single time. I can't stand looking at those Facebook statuses and pictures. Whenever I read or hear from a friend that they're tired of listening to their baby cry or changing diapers or potty training I just want to scream out, "I WOULD KILL FOR THAT MOMENT!" My boss is trying for a second and is complaining that it's taking more than a month to get pregnant. I just smile, but I really want to say, "Seriously? Try two years of nothing and then get back to me about 'too long'." I never say anything because I don't want people to know.

I don't want to hear the stories of their friends who gave up trying and got pregnant. I don't want to be told that there are greater plans or that I need to stop worrying about it. I don't want to hear any anecdotes or opinions or be told what I should do. I just want someone to say, "you know what, Nessa? That really freaking blows and I'm sorry you're going through this." That's really it. I want people to really think about how incredibly frustrating it is for a person whose taken care of children all her life to NOT be able to have her own child.

Maybe this is my call to the Gods. Maybe by finally bringing it to light, they'll decide to play a trick on me and I'll be pregnant next month and wondering why I was so depressed. I thought getting pregnant would be so easy. That month we started trying I just KNEW I'd be pregnant. I went through so many pregnancy tests because I just couldn't wait to see if I'd be late. Nope, I needed to know even though I had no symptoms. I was so sure we were going to get pregnant quickly that we bought stuff. We have baby blankets, bottles, cloth diapers, toys, clothes. They're sitting in storage tubs in the garage. Baby stuff shouldn't be in the garage. It should be in my house being used by our baby!

I spent a few months getting my baby/child fix by donating to families through Soldier's Angels Operation TopKnot. It's where you buy items for military families. Every month I'd pick out adorable clothes and toys and think, "will I ever get to do this for my own child?"

"Do the families realize how lucky they are to have this little person in their lives?"

It kills me every day that I don't have a child. I feel that at my age, I shouldn't have to look up reproductive specialists and the cost to adopt and foster. It kills me that I try to make money on items that I can't even use because I don't have kids.

It kills me to answer the question of us having any children with a no. It just breaks my heart.

And sadly, I'm not alone. It's incredibly scary how many young women all over blog land are dealing with infertility. I try to stay optimistic because I really am only at the beginning of it all. I haven't went through the procedures to determine what exactly is wrong. I think I'm really just in denial that it'll happen on its own.

I'm not really a religious person. I don't know if this is karma or a god's plan or whatever. Maybe there isn't some other plan except me just plain not having children. All I know is that it freaking sucks. It's utter crap. It's unfair and right now this is my own personal temper tantrum. I just want to scream out that it isn't fair. This was supposed to be easy. This was supposed to simple and neat and perfect. I'm really tired of struggling. I've done it all my life. I think I deserve having something come to me without extra work. Just for once. It's just not in the cards.

All I know, right now, is that no matter what I'm going to be a mother. If that means saving every penny to adopt, I'll do it. If it means injections, I'll do it (okay, who am I kidding? I'll make Todd do it for me). If it means me eating only organic foods, I'll do it. If it means living in a plastic bubble without craft projects or television... I'll think about it. Either way, it's going to happen. I'm going to make it happen!

Thanks for reading. I'm sure I'll be back to irregularly scheduled posts like usual soon. I'm kind of stuck on both the living room and craft room which leaves me laying on the couch watching reruns of Roseanne.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The ribbon is multiplying!

I have nothing going on around here to share except the same thing I shared last time. I found out yesterday that I got a larger space at the craft fair this year. I did this craft fair last year and it was my first fair ever. I learned so much about displays and pricing that I can't wait to try again. Last year I made about 100 dollars but this year I'm going to be way more prepared. Last year I signed up about a month before the show. I'm giving myself 3 months and working my buns off.

You get 100 clips in a box and I FINALLY WRAPPED THEM ALL! In the picture there are 97 ribbon wrapped clips. 2 of the clips all ready have embellishments and 1 clip I had to throw away because I messed it up badly.

Do you see how much ribbon I still have to go through? I swear it is breeding in the box. Of course, it doesn't help that I bought some more. Don't laugh! I really wanted a few more patterns and they were 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I'm not even going to show you the lace and tulle I still need to use up.

It's been fun working on these clips. I can't wait to get to the embellishing! I need to run to the store and pick up another box of clips and more glue!
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