Monday, July 23, 2012

Supply de-stash: ribbon wrapped hair clips.

I mentioned to you awhile ago that my grandma's craft stash is now residing in my house. What I didn't tell you is that there were approximately 3 boxes of ribbon! I could make about a billion may poles if it was May and if I knew how to do it. A big chunk of it was Christmas and holiday ribbon for decoration and gift wrap. There was also a lot of regular craft ribbon as well.

It doesn't help that I also have a ton of craft ribbon myself. Well, at least I THOUGHT I had a lot of ribbon. Compared to my grandma's stash, I have very little.

So now I have the fun of using it up the best I can. I had bought metal hair clips at a beauty supply store last year to make hair clips and never did it. It seemed too hard.

Now I know how easy it is! It's just time consuming. Measure out the ribbon, cut, melt the ends (that's how I keep them from fraying and most ribbon is 100% polyester aka plastic), glue with strong glue, clamp the ends and wait for them to dry. All while trying not to die from glue fumes!

You can see that some of the ribbon is thin and you can see the clips through it. I find that patterned or plain grosgrain is best, but I have so many solid satin spools of ribbon. Also, some of this ribbon is from the 60s-70s so obviously it's going to be a bit more delicate. In the picture it shows, but in a child's hair you probably wouldn't even notice it.

They also make it easy to glue big flowers and other embellishments to them. The trend is all about giant blooms I guess. :)

The one thing I love about clips like these is the ribbon helps keep the clips from slipping out of fine baby hair. I know many mamas who use these. I'm not posting them to Etsy. Etsy is saturated with hair clips like these. I just signed up for a craft fair in November and will be selling these. I did this craft fair last year and I'm hoping I signed up early enough to have a bigger space! Then I can put more items on display.

If you're a mama with girls, let me know if you like them or not. Are you into the big flower trend or do you prefer minimal embellishment? The munchkin I nanny for loves big hair bows and clips, but I think it can get a bit crazy. When I get her ready for school she always asks for a billion hair clips. The kid could set off metal detectors I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

You have showed great perseverance behind the blog. It's been enriched since the beginning. I love to share to with my friends. Carry on.

Mindy said...

i am a mama to 3 crazy girls who all change their style of hair accessories as often as their moods change. (um, that is a lot.) i think it really depends on the outfit and the mood. we have a lot of simple and a few crazy and they all get used!

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