Monday, July 9, 2012

Pinterest Projects Week: {Day One} Elephant wall hanging

Hey there everybody! I have officially stalled out on the living room. I have no idea how to accessorize it. Eep! The walls are painted and I have enough furniture to be happy. I'm going with a very retro/mid-century vibe, but I'm afraid it'll get too kitschy if I continue on with retro style accessories such as sunburst mirrors and atomic wall clocks.

I figure that this is a great time for me to start working on Pinterest finds! I really like Pinterest. I have used a similar image saving website called Wist, but I like that Pinterest is a bit easier to use. I think almost the entire home decor/craft blogosphere is addicted to Pinterest. I know I love seeing what everyone else is pinning! Downside? I pin but never follow through!

So this week, I'm going to be working on a Pinterest project a day. I was inspired when I found elephant chipboards at Hobby Lobby. It reminded me of this pin I made when I first started pinning.

Cute right? I absolutely adore elephants. Elephants and robots are my favorite things to collect. I think this was the easiest pin to recreate. I did modify it a bit. I didn't want them to be too long because they were going in a small space in my craft room. This project only cost me 2 bucks for the chipboard elephants. You don't need them really... unless your paper is too thin and you need to stabilize it. I just liked having the thicker chipboard to trace with my exacto knife. I know if I had printed out an elephant it would've been shredded instantly!

So all you need is the chipboard elephants (found in the general crafts section of Hobby Lobby... near the teaching supplies), scrapbook paper (from my stash), exacto knife (you could also do scissors), embroidery thread to tie them together and a hole punch.

You just trace your elephants out of the scrapbook paper using the exacto knife. Then hole punch on the top and the bottom of the elephant. Thread the string through and tie off. Hang on the wall and you're done! You could easily do this with another type of shape such as circles, flowers, robots (yes I went there!) or whatever you can think of!

I think I'm going to add another set so it doesn't feel so lopsided. It's my fault for not wanting to put another nail hole in the wall!

I hope you check back every day this week for another Pinterest Project!

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