Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Projects: {Day Two} Thrift shop word art

This week I'm working on a few pins from Pinterest that I wanted to recreate! Yesterday I showed you my elephant wall-hanging and today I'm showing you my thrift shop word art!

A few things you should know: this isn't from a thrift shop and I usually hate word art. I, surprisingly, could not find a piece of art at any thrift store that I wanted to paint over. Crazy right? Plus, I liked the idea of customizing with the colors of my craft room.

I have a really bad addiction to fabric. I could probably clothe an elementary school or make approximately five billion blankets. Let's just be honest, I love fabric.

I'm really not a word art person. I find some of the quotes pretty... silly. It's just not my style. When someone said this quote, however, I just had to have it in my craft room!

I was inspired by this pin. They took a thrift shop painting, taped out a message and then painted over it.

To start, you just need a few things. If you have a thrift shop painting, you just need the stickers and the cover paint. If you're starting from scratch like me, you'll need a canvas, craft paint, stickers and cover paint.

Paint your canvas how you want. I chose the colors that inspired my craft room and did a gradient type of painting. I used craft paint, so if I wanted to, I could've washed it off if I didn't like it.

After the paint dries, you can attach the stickers. Now, if you have a vinyl cutting machine, you could probably make your own stickers. I used scrapbooking stickers. I stuck them to my hands before attaching them to get some of the stickiness off.

If you use spray paint, paint in a well ventilated area! You could also use a regular paint. I suggest using a primer if you want to paint over dark colors with a light color.

After the paint dries a bit, use a pin or needle to carefully remove the stickers. You now have really awesome word art!

As you can see, here's a portion of my fabric. I say portion because there is more fabric in drawers and shelves in the closet.

So easy peasy right? I hope you follow me this week to see my other Pinterest projects! I'm linking up to Centsational Girl's Pinterest Project link party.


Brandi said...

Wow, you do have a bunch of fabric! Your artwork turned out great. I love the saying!

PitterAndGlink said...

I ADORE this, Nessa! Great job!

Mary said...

Love this idea for word art!

Just found your blog today and am really enjoying checking out your projects. The easy peasy thing is right up my alley.

I, too, suffer from indecision on home related stuff, and this indecisiveness is crippling.

Thanks for such a fun to read blog. And for your candid personal postings, too. Very inspiring! I'll be checking in regularly.

Angela Alvin said...

When I found this oil painting at my local thrift store for $2 I actually bought it for the frame. Then James saw it and really liked the painting. Well, not really the painting itself but he liked that it was a painting of an old truck covered in foliage, nature taking over. We see things like this a lot on our occasional Sunday drives through the country roads around our home. He's pretty bummed that they removed one old truck (and the dilapidated house that accompanied it) to build a new pharmacy.
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