Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pinterest Projects: {Day Three} Pinterest isn't working for me so here's a bunch of pictures!

Well I must've really cheesed off Pinterest. Things just aren't working out and I can't pin anymore. Poop on them!

So because I can't link or do anything, here's a fun game called "Nessa Can't Make Up Her Mind". Seriously, it's ridiculous how badly blocked I am when it comes to our living room. I can barely accessorize myself much less an entire room. So awhile ago I showed you the buffet and wall color action here. I added something else to my collection of mid-century/retro furniture.

Isn't he handsome? Yes, he's my new friend. It's a 1950s avocado naugahyde swivel rocker chair. I adore it. I picked it up from a thrift shop across town. I pretty much forced it into my car. The owner kept telling me that if I wanted, I could leave it until I had a truck but NO! I need it now!

So now that I have all the big stuff, I need the pretty stuff. I am bad about the little stuff. I have been to Ross, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory, a different Ross, Target, Kohl's, Lowe's, Big Lots, World Market and Pier 1 and I can't find anything that calls to me. What I ended up doing is taking a billion pictures of things I liked. Here they are!

I liked this clock from Burlington Coat Factory, but it'll need a paint job and a new clock face. The shape is awesome though.

I'm really liking these woodworked pieces backed with mirror. Our living room is dark, so I'm trying to figure out different ways to reflect light all around.

I'm digging starburst/sunburst mirrors lately. They fit the era of our house. I actually bought one too. Not the ones above and I'm not sharing until it gets a face lift.

These poofs make me happy. They'd be a great stash basher for me! Although all I can think about is how to keep the dogs from thinking they're dog beds.

These picture frames are so fun. I love the shiny silver but it may be too bright here. I've been drawn to the chrome, people!

I found this paper in the gift wrap section of World Market. I think three pieces framed would be super pretty. I love the gilded look. It reminds me of vintage asian wallpaper.

At the opposite spectrum is this piece of art from Hobby Lobby. I bought the Arabesque stencils from Martha Stewart's line, so this piece could be recreated at home easily.

These two fabrics are from Hobby Lobby. I love the colors, but it may be too bright and childish for the living room.

These are more my style. I'm digging these retro style flower patterns! I found these at Joann Fabrics. I could totally see these as throw pillows.

So I guess we can assume I like bright colors and retro accessories? I'm pretty damn confused with all this stuff. I just keep collecting pictures and not buying anything. If you want to help, by all means, give me an opinion. :)

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