Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My visit to the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market!

I had such a blast at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market this past Sunday! Todd and I had never been to Santa Fe and always thought it would be a big trip. We decided to take a day trip for the market and it was actually quite quick. We left Albuquerque around 8am and got home around 5pm.

You park, then take a bus up to Museum Hill. Inside you will find over 100 vendors from all around the world. I am a sucker for global art and crafts so this was HEAVEN! Each artist takes home an average of 17,000 dollars for the 3 day event. Pretty amazing when in some countries, 17k is a couple years' of salary. Many vendors were co-ops. Knowing that my money is going toward companies that empower people to support themselves makes it worth splurging.

It's very important to me that my house has a story. I want someone to be able to pick up an item and for me to be able to say where it came from and how I came to own it. Some of my items are as simple as naming a store, but some have more meaning. For instance, my coffee table that was made by my brother for my dad. It has traveled across two states with me. I love those types of decor! I think homes predominantly decorated in IKEA should be outlawed!

Anyway, the market was really crowded so it was hard getting pictures of everything I wanted. Believe me when I say that everything was BEAUTIFUL! Also, the price ranges were great. You could find something from 10 dollars up to $14,000 (an African solid silver vase I saw).  The talent of these artists and crafters is unbelievable. I felt inadequate immediately.

So here are some pictures I took. It was incredibly crowded so these were "walk by" snaps.

These are Mexican and Peruvian Dia De Los Muertos shrines and figures.

Amazing Thai masks.

Gorgeous Uzbekistani ikat fabric.

I want to say this is Bolivian? art. It is done by using a needle to press many colorful thread into a design. It's amazing.

The artist at work.

African applique and embroidery.

Mexican embroidery

Kyrgyzstan felted wool dolls. They had the cutest yak that I wanted but didn't get!

Moroccan knives.

Fun decorations in all the tents

Wondering if we bought anything? Well how could I go without getting something awesome?! I love India and want to go badly. I pretty much kept going back to the Indian stands. Todd loves Muertes and shrines. It's pretty fitting considering we're in Albuquerque and have whole stores dedicated to Dia de los Muertos.

We ended up buying a hand colored drawing of Ganesha, an embroidered and appliqued elephant pillow cover, a small paper mache elephant and a small Muerte. I'm so happy to have picked up such awesome stuff! I feel like it really brings so much interest to our house all ready.

So what do you think? Are you into global decor or do you prefer to stick close to Americana? Are you an IKEA decorator and did I offend you? Feel free to share.

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Rena said...

Hello dear nessa, the Indian painting is one done in Madhubani style. Typically hand painted by artisans using natural paints. The perspective of depth is usually absent. These paintings are also done by the Madhubani villagers on their house walls as decoration.

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