Monday, July 23, 2012

Supply de-stash: ribbon wrapped hair clips.

I mentioned to you awhile ago that my grandma's craft stash is now residing in my house. What I didn't tell you is that there were approximately 3 boxes of ribbon! I could make about a billion may poles if it was May and if I knew how to do it. A big chunk of it was Christmas and holiday ribbon for decoration and gift wrap. There was also a lot of regular craft ribbon as well.

It doesn't help that I also have a ton of craft ribbon myself. Well, at least I THOUGHT I had a lot of ribbon. Compared to my grandma's stash, I have very little.

So now I have the fun of using it up the best I can. I had bought metal hair clips at a beauty supply store last year to make hair clips and never did it. It seemed too hard.

Now I know how easy it is! It's just time consuming. Measure out the ribbon, cut, melt the ends (that's how I keep them from fraying and most ribbon is 100% polyester aka plastic), glue with strong glue, clamp the ends and wait for them to dry. All while trying not to die from glue fumes!

You can see that some of the ribbon is thin and you can see the clips through it. I find that patterned or plain grosgrain is best, but I have so many solid satin spools of ribbon. Also, some of this ribbon is from the 60s-70s so obviously it's going to be a bit more delicate. In the picture it shows, but in a child's hair you probably wouldn't even notice it.

They also make it easy to glue big flowers and other embellishments to them. The trend is all about giant blooms I guess. :)

The one thing I love about clips like these is the ribbon helps keep the clips from slipping out of fine baby hair. I know many mamas who use these. I'm not posting them to Etsy. Etsy is saturated with hair clips like these. I just signed up for a craft fair in November and will be selling these. I did this craft fair last year and I'm hoping I signed up early enough to have a bigger space! Then I can put more items on display.

If you're a mama with girls, let me know if you like them or not. Are you into the big flower trend or do you prefer minimal embellishment? The munchkin I nanny for loves big hair bows and clips, but I think it can get a bit crazy. When I get her ready for school she always asks for a billion hair clips. The kid could set off metal detectors I'm sure.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My visit to the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market!

I had such a blast at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market this past Sunday! Todd and I had never been to Santa Fe and always thought it would be a big trip. We decided to take a day trip for the market and it was actually quite quick. We left Albuquerque around 8am and got home around 5pm.

You park, then take a bus up to Museum Hill. Inside you will find over 100 vendors from all around the world. I am a sucker for global art and crafts so this was HEAVEN! Each artist takes home an average of 17,000 dollars for the 3 day event. Pretty amazing when in some countries, 17k is a couple years' of salary. Many vendors were co-ops. Knowing that my money is going toward companies that empower people to support themselves makes it worth splurging.

It's very important to me that my house has a story. I want someone to be able to pick up an item and for me to be able to say where it came from and how I came to own it. Some of my items are as simple as naming a store, but some have more meaning. For instance, my coffee table that was made by my brother for my dad. It has traveled across two states with me. I love those types of decor! I think homes predominantly decorated in IKEA should be outlawed!

Anyway, the market was really crowded so it was hard getting pictures of everything I wanted. Believe me when I say that everything was BEAUTIFUL! Also, the price ranges were great. You could find something from 10 dollars up to $14,000 (an African solid silver vase I saw).  The talent of these artists and crafters is unbelievable. I felt inadequate immediately.

So here are some pictures I took. It was incredibly crowded so these were "walk by" snaps.

These are Mexican and Peruvian Dia De Los Muertos shrines and figures.

Amazing Thai masks.

Gorgeous Uzbekistani ikat fabric.

I want to say this is Bolivian? art. It is done by using a needle to press many colorful thread into a design. It's amazing.

The artist at work.

African applique and embroidery.

Mexican embroidery

Kyrgyzstan felted wool dolls. They had the cutest yak that I wanted but didn't get!

Moroccan knives.

Fun decorations in all the tents

Wondering if we bought anything? Well how could I go without getting something awesome?! I love India and want to go badly. I pretty much kept going back to the Indian stands. Todd loves Muertes and shrines. It's pretty fitting considering we're in Albuquerque and have whole stores dedicated to Dia de los Muertos.

We ended up buying a hand colored drawing of Ganesha, an embroidered and appliqued elephant pillow cover, a small paper mache elephant and a small Muerte. I'm so happy to have picked up such awesome stuff! I feel like it really brings so much interest to our house all ready.

So what do you think? Are you into global decor or do you prefer to stick close to Americana? Are you an IKEA decorator and did I offend you? Feel free to share.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pinterest Projects: {Day Three} Pinterest isn't working for me so here's a bunch of pictures!

Well I must've really cheesed off Pinterest. Things just aren't working out and I can't pin anymore. Poop on them!

So because I can't link or do anything, here's a fun game called "Nessa Can't Make Up Her Mind". Seriously, it's ridiculous how badly blocked I am when it comes to our living room. I can barely accessorize myself much less an entire room. So awhile ago I showed you the buffet and wall color action here. I added something else to my collection of mid-century/retro furniture.

Isn't he handsome? Yes, he's my new friend. It's a 1950s avocado naugahyde swivel rocker chair. I adore it. I picked it up from a thrift shop across town. I pretty much forced it into my car. The owner kept telling me that if I wanted, I could leave it until I had a truck but NO! I need it now!

So now that I have all the big stuff, I need the pretty stuff. I am bad about the little stuff. I have been to Ross, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory, a different Ross, Target, Kohl's, Lowe's, Big Lots, World Market and Pier 1 and I can't find anything that calls to me. What I ended up doing is taking a billion pictures of things I liked. Here they are!

I liked this clock from Burlington Coat Factory, but it'll need a paint job and a new clock face. The shape is awesome though.

I'm really liking these woodworked pieces backed with mirror. Our living room is dark, so I'm trying to figure out different ways to reflect light all around.

I'm digging starburst/sunburst mirrors lately. They fit the era of our house. I actually bought one too. Not the ones above and I'm not sharing until it gets a face lift.

These poofs make me happy. They'd be a great stash basher for me! Although all I can think about is how to keep the dogs from thinking they're dog beds.

These picture frames are so fun. I love the shiny silver but it may be too bright here. I've been drawn to the chrome, people!

I found this paper in the gift wrap section of World Market. I think three pieces framed would be super pretty. I love the gilded look. It reminds me of vintage asian wallpaper.

At the opposite spectrum is this piece of art from Hobby Lobby. I bought the Arabesque stencils from Martha Stewart's line, so this piece could be recreated at home easily.

These two fabrics are from Hobby Lobby. I love the colors, but it may be too bright and childish for the living room.

These are more my style. I'm digging these retro style flower patterns! I found these at Joann Fabrics. I could totally see these as throw pillows.

So I guess we can assume I like bright colors and retro accessories? I'm pretty damn confused with all this stuff. I just keep collecting pictures and not buying anything. If you want to help, by all means, give me an opinion. :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Projects: {Day Two} Thrift shop word art

This week I'm working on a few pins from Pinterest that I wanted to recreate! Yesterday I showed you my elephant wall-hanging and today I'm showing you my thrift shop word art!

A few things you should know: this isn't from a thrift shop and I usually hate word art. I, surprisingly, could not find a piece of art at any thrift store that I wanted to paint over. Crazy right? Plus, I liked the idea of customizing with the colors of my craft room.

I have a really bad addiction to fabric. I could probably clothe an elementary school or make approximately five billion blankets. Let's just be honest, I love fabric.

I'm really not a word art person. I find some of the quotes pretty... silly. It's just not my style. When someone said this quote, however, I just had to have it in my craft room!

I was inspired by this pin. They took a thrift shop painting, taped out a message and then painted over it.

To start, you just need a few things. If you have a thrift shop painting, you just need the stickers and the cover paint. If you're starting from scratch like me, you'll need a canvas, craft paint, stickers and cover paint.

Paint your canvas how you want. I chose the colors that inspired my craft room and did a gradient type of painting. I used craft paint, so if I wanted to, I could've washed it off if I didn't like it.

After the paint dries, you can attach the stickers. Now, if you have a vinyl cutting machine, you could probably make your own stickers. I used scrapbooking stickers. I stuck them to my hands before attaching them to get some of the stickiness off.

If you use spray paint, paint in a well ventilated area! You could also use a regular paint. I suggest using a primer if you want to paint over dark colors with a light color.

After the paint dries a bit, use a pin or needle to carefully remove the stickers. You now have really awesome word art!

As you can see, here's a portion of my fabric. I say portion because there is more fabric in drawers and shelves in the closet.

So easy peasy right? I hope you follow me this week to see my other Pinterest projects! I'm linking up to Centsational Girl's Pinterest Project link party.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pinterest Projects Week: {Day One} Elephant wall hanging

Hey there everybody! I have officially stalled out on the living room. I have no idea how to accessorize it. Eep! The walls are painted and I have enough furniture to be happy. I'm going with a very retro/mid-century vibe, but I'm afraid it'll get too kitschy if I continue on with retro style accessories such as sunburst mirrors and atomic wall clocks.

I figure that this is a great time for me to start working on Pinterest finds! I really like Pinterest. I have used a similar image saving website called Wist, but I like that Pinterest is a bit easier to use. I think almost the entire home decor/craft blogosphere is addicted to Pinterest. I know I love seeing what everyone else is pinning! Downside? I pin but never follow through!

So this week, I'm going to be working on a Pinterest project a day. I was inspired when I found elephant chipboards at Hobby Lobby. It reminded me of this pin I made when I first started pinning.

Cute right? I absolutely adore elephants. Elephants and robots are my favorite things to collect. I think this was the easiest pin to recreate. I did modify it a bit. I didn't want them to be too long because they were going in a small space in my craft room. This project only cost me 2 bucks for the chipboard elephants. You don't need them really... unless your paper is too thin and you need to stabilize it. I just liked having the thicker chipboard to trace with my exacto knife. I know if I had printed out an elephant it would've been shredded instantly!

So all you need is the chipboard elephants (found in the general crafts section of Hobby Lobby... near the teaching supplies), scrapbook paper (from my stash), exacto knife (you could also do scissors), embroidery thread to tie them together and a hole punch.

You just trace your elephants out of the scrapbook paper using the exacto knife. Then hole punch on the top and the bottom of the elephant. Thread the string through and tie off. Hang on the wall and you're done! You could easily do this with another type of shape such as circles, flowers, robots (yes I went there!) or whatever you can think of!

I think I'm going to add another set so it doesn't feel so lopsided. It's my fault for not wanting to put another nail hole in the wall!

I hope you check back every day this week for another Pinterest Project!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The living room in progress.

Happy July everyone! This year is just flying by. Things here have been filled with sorting and painting. I have finished sorting through the majority of the craft supplies brought out by my mom and grandpa. I still have no idea how to store all the thread and ribbon I got! EEP! Looks like I'll be making millions of hairbows.

Todd works a lot so to keep me busy, he often helps me pick up project supplies. This time around it was getting paint for the living room. I have been very excited about getting the living room all pretty! For a few weeks, I scoured my favorite blogs to see what their favorite grays were. I think it was Jen from Tatertots and Jello who said Sharkey Gray from Home Depot's Martha Stewart line was the perfect gray. I beg to differ. It was way too greige (gray/beige) for my tastes. I really didn't want to continue with the beige colors all ready in the house. I hate beige! In Vegas, everyone was beige inside and out. Gag!

I tried a few other colors such as Martha Stewart Bedford Gray and Heavy Goose. I also picked up a sample of Dover Gray from Ace Hardware. None of these thrilled me. The Heavy Goose would look great in our hallway where it is dark even with all the bedroom doors open. The Bedford Gray was too greenish. The Dover Gray was too blue/silver.

Close to giving up, I saw that Shelley from The House of Smiths suggested Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. At that point I was ready to try anything because I was feeling really frustrated. I'm someone who needs to see the finished result NOW!

I've never purchased paint from Sherwin Williams and to be honest, I may never do so. I found that getting a large jug of temporary paint was pretty ridiculous. I don't mind samples when they're small because I could use it for another project. It was a good thing I had a coupon! Plus, their paint was expensive. I cannot afford to be blowing 50+ dollars per gallon of paint. No way. No how.

Anyway, this is what my living room looked like for a few weeks. Yes, it took weeks to figure out what color I wanted!


I tried Eider White which was a shade lighter than the Repose Gray. GAG! It didn't even have a hint of gray in it. Repose Gray was the winner! I was able to get the paint mixed at Lowes for 26 dollars a gallon. I needed a gallon and a half to finish the room.

Can I be honest? I was afraid I made a HUGE mistake. I was hating the first coat of paint. It looked horrendous to me. Very greige. Very gross. I texted Todd that I hated the color and he told me, "better learn to love it because we're not buying more." Isn't he so motivational?

Well, I put the second coat on and after a day or two it looked AMAZING! Perfect cool gray color. I didn't want a warm gray because our couch is a warm gray and we have a few brass accents showing up around the living room. I didn't want the place to be too warm so the coolness of the Repose Gray really makes everything else shine.

A week or so ago, I picked up a great vintage buffet off Craigslist for 80 bucks. I had to fix one of the back legs which I did for free using a leg plate from our coffee table. I recently looked up the buffet online and found similiar ones (with the hutch on top) going for 200-400 or so dollars. Too bad I had to cut holes in the back for cords!

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!? I looooove it. I had a lot of issues with it... wondering if I should leave the doors on or only leaving one door. I ended up taking both doors off and removing the magnet closure. I love having all the components inside but it would get hot in there and I hate having to leave the door open to access them. I used my drill to make 4 holes in the bottom corner of the back piece of each shelf. I then used my jigsaw to cut out a square for my cords to go. Sorry I didn't get a picture of that process. It was boring and it looks horrible.

Now here it is in the living room:

I'm so happy with it! It's a bit higher than usual, and those cords for our internet are killing me. Other than that I'm extremely happy with our purchase! I still wish I could've done the doors on it but that wasn't feasible. We put the controllers for the wii and playstation and the remotes in the drawers. When I was taking off the doors, I found 4 Gold Bond trading stamps from 1958. So cool!

The next thing I need to do is decide what color I'm going to paint the awesome table I got during my trip to Vegas. I haven't really decided on my accent colors, so that may be a starting point.

Here's the living room now. It's so empty! Awhile ago I moved the loveseat into the dining room turned dog room. I then moved Todd's big black leather and wood man chair but I HATE THAT CHAIR! Today Todd moved it into his office and now the living room echoes.


Don't mind my husband playing a pokemon game.Apparently he needed to try out the new setup as soon as everything was plugged in. The only thing that's staying in the living room for now is the couch, the buffet and the coffee table... maybe. I love that the legs match the legs on the buffet, but the coffee table is more brown while the buffet has an orange-brown color. I would give the coffee table a massive dose of fancy but the top is veneer and painting that crap is annoying as heck!

So what do you think of the new color? You can check out the old living room here and compare! The room feels lighter and fresher. It feels like a brand new room! I was really afraid the couch would clash with the wall color but there's enough contrast to make me happy.

It's hard for me to decide on accent colors and accessories. I so adore many types of design themes! I love mid century modern, hollywood regency, 70s kitsch, 60s hippie, Indian/Moroccan, ultra modern... the list could go on! I'm trying to stay close to the bones of the home. This house was built in 1958 and I'm trying to keep it in the realm of the 60s without it looking like Montgomery Wards threw up in it (please tell me you know what Wards is! I had many a family portrait taken there!). 60s modern I guess.

Oh, and I cannot get enough of the brass I've been seeing lately! I'm in love with brass so much. Todd has steered me away from it many times because I was going nutso over it. I'm now desperate to find a big brass mirror for over the fireplace. I WILL GET MY BRASS!

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm enjoying house projects. I'm sorry I haven't showed my craft room yet. I still need to paint some stuff and for the love of all that is holy I need to find ribbon and thread storage!
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