Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I was almost done! Almost done!

I was *thisclose* to revealing my craft room. Seriously,  so close! Until this happened:

Oh yes, a surprise trip from my mom and grandpa with the first load of craft stuff! Seriously people, what will I do with all of this? I could open a craft store from my garage. It's crazy. I'm glad my grandpa wanted me to have it though. It was so sweet of my mom and grandpa to bring it to me. Plus, it's always a blast to sift through another person's craft hoard. It's always filled with interesting stuff! I also found a nearly finished quilt in one bag. It came with a twin sized flat sheet which I guess is the backing. I'll have to pick up quilt batting and finish it up. I don't know if it was meant for a grandchild or for a soldier (my grandma was working on quilts for wounded soldiers). My grandma made me a quilt for a wedding present and I know she was working on quilts for my sister and cousins. I may just finish this one and bring it to my sister's wedding just in case.

And in other news... this little pipsqueak:

Is now this:

She was spayed a week ago and now available for adoption through Animal Humane New Mexico. I miss her all ready! I'm taking a break to get the house in order and start the living room work, but it sure was hard to say good bye! Thankfully my foster guru helped me get her socialized. I brought her in and put her with another litter of puppies and she forgot I existed. It sounds terrible but it's a GOOD thing. It means I raised a well adjusted puppy. She will be adopted quickly and she's so smart! I know that whoever adopts her will be happy with her.

I won't miss her tearing up my carpet or walking out in the morning to see this:

So I apologize for the lack of updating. Things have been hectic here. Now that Miss Ophelia has moved out, I can finish the gosh darn craft room AND start my living room. There is talk of a stencil project and possibly a vintage buffet? Oh yes, I can't wait to tell ya all about it... soon.

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