Tuesday, June 5, 2012

FFA challenge #4: Freaky furniture? Oh yes, baby!

First and foremost: I HAVE MISSED YOU, BLOGGER! So. many. blogs. to. read!

We got back on Friday from a whirlwind trip to Vegas. Now, when I say Vegas I don't mean we stayed at a swank hotel on the strip, ate at buffets and 5 star restaurants, saw shows and partied all night. We're from Vegas, so our trip was less glamourous. I had this notion that we were going to... I don't know... have a real vacation? Well, not so much. Every day we had to do something with someone and it took about 17 hours of sleep this weekend for me to recover.

But on Tuesday, it was our day to run errands like picking up new UNLV swag for Todd and me wanting to hit up some local shopping. Well, Todd was a buttface and complained about me going to the 4 dollar shoe store so we didn't go. As we were driving back to the hotel, I told him to make a quick right at the light. And by at the light, I mean he was about to drive past the turn and had to do some crazy cop chase style turn. Apparently I don't give directions in a timely manner?

Anyway, I made him turn because we were near a thrift shop we don't have here in Albuquerque: Deseret Industries. I don't know what it is about this store. They're just so bleeping awesome! I think it's because out of all the thrift shops I know, they have the least amount of clothes and the most amount of "stuff". I mean, if you're some size zero hipster, then by all means, fill up your cart with ironic 80s dresses. Knock yourself out. For us fat chicks, the clothing is sparse. I do not want a shirt depicting kittens in a basket or acid washed mom jeans. Call me snobby, but so long as I can afford brand new clothes, I'm going to do so!

Back to the subject... we walk in and instantly we're hit with that lovely aroma of thrift shops. That stale clothing and old wood smell with book mildew sprinkled in. You know the smell. If a thrift shop smells new, get out fast! Todd goes to the books because he is attempting to build a Steven King library in his office for some reason. I, however, browse the furniture.

And guess what was sitting in the furniture area? (pic taken in our garage. Obviously I had to have it.)

It was so weird and wonderful all at once! Todd was chatting with one of the employees, and I was dying to show him the table. I needed to know if this strangely awesome table was somehow clouding my judgement... and it was actually ugly beyond compare. Todd usually tells me when things are too crazy and even he was mesmerized.

So I committed the ultimate thrift shopper sin: I walked away. I'm not a "dear God, I gotta lay on this table so no one buys it and please someone run RUN to find an employee to add the sold sign!" type of shopper. I'm way more zen about it. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be (case in point: There are these weird mirrored art pieces at Savers right now that I left there. They were too pricey and I figure in a week I'll get them if they're still there). 

We went outside to the yard sale area and Todd fell hard for a big kitchen table. I did too, actually because it was real wood and I could only imagine the possibilities. It was also 15 bucks. Seriously, Albuquerque! Take notice on pricing! Sadly, we only have a car and Todd had to leave his table behind. But not me. Oh no. If I can't have cheap shoes I'm taking this table and it was a steal!

The glass top is chipped, but I'm sure I can find another piece of glass for it. The base is going to be spray painted... don't know the color yet. It's going to look awesome as a side table for our living room.

Along with our lovely table, these also came home with us. I think Todd was a bit overwhelmed. This is 6 bags of fabric from my grandma. Grandma died in February and my grandpa had me take whatever I could and mark what else I want. My grandma was a major crafter and her house shows it! I have a truckload heading to me this summer.

Not pictured is a paper box of lace trims. Tip of the iceberg m'dears. There is copious amounts of ribbon, trim, beads, wooden cutouts, etc. I was there for about 5 hours and STILL didn't see everything I should've seen. As you can see, I have a lot of sewing to do! I told my grandpa, when he showed me her fabric stashes, "she who dies with the most fabric wins." Grandpa replied, "then she was a definitely a winner" and my answer was, "when I die, I'll be the grand champion!" I love making my grandpa laugh.

So back to the original reason I wrote this entirely long blog entry. Hey, cut me some slack! I haven't been able to blog in a month, so I had a lot of blabbing to do! For the Vintage Revivals Fearlessly Finding Awesome challenge, I bought the "jacks" table because it was so strangely weird that I was both afraid and tickled to be purchasing it. I know I made the right choice because as we walked out, someone said that they didn't know if they should be jealous we got it or laugh that someone bought it. I will decide eventually! 

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Mindy said...

THAT is awesome.
i am jealous of you for a number of reasons right now.. those bags look like they are full o' fun! make your grandma proud!!

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