Friday, May 4, 2012

How can I get anything done...

With this much cuteness in my house?

I mean, come on! This ball of fluff is such a distraction!


Isn't she adorable? This is Ophelia, an Australian Cattle Dog mix... possibly mixed with some sort of shepherd. She is about 2-3 weeks old and was dropped off at the shelter as a "stray". How does a less than a week old puppy count as a stray? People annoy me. My friend whom I shall now name "Foster Guru" was fostering her but had to go out of town for a pet-sitting job. I now have my lucky number 7 puppy. I tend to get Foster Guru's babies when she needs a break or has to go out of town. 

My first set was a brother/sister set of Australian Cattle Dogs named Kaley and Krunchy. They were about this age as well and soooo cute. Surprisingly, Todd really liked those two. At one point I had to drive across town to get preemie baby bottles for Foster Guru then drive across town the other way in the rain to drop them off. I came home and Todd admitted that he spent a good chunk of time snuggling the puppies. Goober!

My second set was a boxer mix brother duo named Rex and Ricky. They were bigger, almost ready to be adopted, and TROUBLE! They tortured my dogs which was pretty funny but kinda overwhelming. They would push Samurai out of the way for his food. They wouldn't play with Ninja which is as close to torturing Ninja as you can get. Ultimate torture would include food but I digress.

The third set was actually three pups. I first had a brother/sister pitbull mix combo. They were only a couple days old so no names at the time. The brother decided he didn't want to eat for me anymore so Foster Guru traded me for another boy who was a better eater. They eventually were named after Sesame Street/Muppets characters. I had Rosita and Cookie Monster, Foster Guru had Deena and Bert while the foster coordinator had Miss Piggy and Kermit. Rosita passed away from parvo. I don't know about the others but Bert is now up for adoption at Animal Humane. Bert was the one who wouldn't eat for me. He is now a fatty patty puppy and will only grow more!

Bert less than a week old:

Rosita almost a week old. Rest peacefully, Rosita:

And now I just have my adorable Ophelia keeping me company. Her fur is double coated (meaning both rough fur and a fluffy undercoat) which makes me sneeze and itch like crazy. I adore her though. She could stand to eat more, but she is otherwise doing okay.

So that is why I'm lacking in getting things done. I have managed to move the loveseat to the dining room/dog room and put Todd's ugly man chair in the living room. It feels more open in here now! I've also cleaned up the house, planted some more seeds (going to start another tray today) and in general just putz around. I'm hoping the craft room reveal will happen soon. I can't guarantee anything though.

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