Monday, April 9, 2012

I don't want to alarm anyone, but it's that time.

Just grab your purse and slowly make your way to the car and celebrate TARGET EASTER CLEARANCE!!!

Seriously, is there a better day than celebrating a Target clearance event? Target is one of my favorite stores. I go there at least once a week to stalk the dollar section and clearance. I try to rarely buy anything at Target full price. I would be poor if I did! I will talk about the goodness of Target for free, but I want to get paid to talk about the goodness of Target. In Target gift cards. Please?

Now that we have our house, there isn't a ton of fun money. I kinda thought that when we moved in, all projects would get done quickly and effectively... and inexpensively. Obviously, that wasn't the case! I thought I'd get in here and repaint everything, build stuff and all be done in a month. I actually (don't laugh now!) thought that I would run out of projects for my blog within the first year. I HEAR YOUR LAUGHTER!

Of course, now I know how things work out. It's either pay the gas bill or buy a lawnmower. It's either build up the savings or paint the bathroom. Boring, grown up talk. It makes me sad. I remember walking through stores and say, "when I get my house, I'm gonna buy that!" Now I walk through stores and say, "I could buy that, but we really do need to replace that toilet..."

But even on the bad days of homeownership (like when I can't figure out how to turn off the sprinklers and both Todd and I get soaked), it's still nice to have my own house.

Back to the beginning of this entry. The fun money is guarded carefully, so we won't have super fun holiday decor until next year. The reason is I'm buying our holiday decor on clearance!

I got two wooden wreaths (yes, that's a St. Patty's wreath. It was all sad and dejected and 2 dollars. I had to get it!), two wooden bunnies, a bundt cake pan (always wanted one!), two banners, a bag of felted eggs, 2 packs of cupcake liners, 2 packs of mini cupcake liners and 4 hand towels. I can't remember the exact cost. I want to say 35? Everything was on 50% off clearance. You can chance fate by waiting until they go to 70% but our Target was all ready picked over. I didn't want to miss out! Candy was only 30% and there was a ton left. I'll wait on that.

I also picked up these tealight lanterns. I'm obsessed with them. I really am. I'm waiting for Target to put all their outdoor stuff on clearance (around August-September when they put out Halloween things), and buying up a ton of those little 2.00 solar lights. They fit into those little lanterns and at night you have a pretty display!

Currently the desk is waiting for the primer to fully cure (7 whole days!). I'm painting it a robin egg's blue and bought really fun knobs at Cost Plus World Market. I hope it turns out all right! 

PS: I had to pay for a year of Photobucket Pro because Blogger refuses to post any pictures for me. Oh well, it's actually a lot faster than regular Photobucket, no ads and I can get unlimited bandwidth. Plus, I can store all my ginormous DSLR pictures on there.

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Misty K. said...

I love the bright baskets. You have a chair obsession, I have a container/furniture storage obsession.

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