Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gearing up for spring! Outdoor patio space part 1.

I know I know I've been MIA for awhile. I am completely stalled in my craft room. I need a table or desk for both my sewing machines and can't figure it out! I may just be buying some table legs for a piece of wood. Hopefully working on other tasks will help me out.

Speaking of other tasks, check out my latest project. My boss is giving us the bricks from her backyard. They're renovating so they don't need them anymore. Free is my favorite price, so I've been trying to figure out where they will go. There's a LOT of them, so I figured we can put a brick patio over in the corner of our backyard. We have a cute bistro set that was left for us that would be perfect over there.

But, that corner of the yard was overrun with weeds, dead bushes, and randomly placed stepping stones.

This morning I spent a few hours getting sunburned (sunblock has expired. Awesome.) and dirtying up my only pair of unpacked shoes. I got all the weeds pulled, dug up some of the bushes, overturned 12 stepping stones and tried as best as I could to level off the space. We officially have one weed free spot in our yard! Go me!

The before:

The after:

I'm pretty gosh darn proud of myself. Still need to bag the weeds, but I'll do it when the sun isn't so bright.

1 comment:

BF said...

Way to go, looks like hard work, and in the sun! Damn sunblock! Hahaha

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