Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hello from our new abode!

Oy! I'm never moving again if I can help it!

That cute little house I mentioned beforehand? Oh yeah, we got it. We have now lived here for a little under a week. Can I tell you how awesome everything went? Because it did go extremely well!

I cannot say this enough: Find well recommended people and you will never be disappointed. Our realtor and lender were absolutely wonderful. They worked together and answered all our questions. We had a wonderful first time home buyers experience.

Downside? After we moved in, we got hit with a big fat bill. We asked for the swamp cooler to be repaired before moving in. Our realtor suggested someone but the sellers went with another guy who would only do the work after closing. We knew we would be responsible for the difference. No problem because he estimated it would only be an extra 200-300 tops. Okay, great! We go ahead with plans to have the new swamp cooler installed a few days after we move in.

Now, I had heard that if a contractor tells you an estimate, always add more to it. I kinda thought it was an old wives tale. Nope, that is so damn for sure it should be written in stone on a great big monument called, "This stuff is no joke, it's truth!" Our final cost was an extra 900 out of pocket. Thankfully, VERY THANKFULLY, we had extra money but ouch! That wasn't very fun at all.

But now we're moved in and I cannot wait to show you everything we will be doing around the house. Right now we're in the unpacking stage. There is a lot of "where is the..." and "why is this packed with this?" going on. Currently my craft room sits in the garage all sad and morose. I keep visiting it every day explaining that I must paint before putting things away. Apparently the craft room is still offended and won't even speak to me.

Because we're ballers on a budget, things will happen slowly. The two rooms that we are starting with are Todd's office and my craft room. Todd's office is a total hodge podge which is actually quite sweet of him. He took the majority of crap so I wouldn't have to look at it. His room is all his though and he is so happy. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT he goes to his office and unpacks more stuff, rearranges, makes plans. It's so cute seeing him nesting like that.

I, on the other hand, have unpacked boxes in so many different rooms and haven't actually completely much except the kitchen... but even in there all my spices still sit in their moving box.

Hopefully I will be showing you my super new awesome craft room sometime this next week! I get to pick out paint colors tomorrow!

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