Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ugly shelf turned cookie making organizer.

Remember this shelf mentioned in my weekend review?

This is its new purpose!

I was originally going to make a ribbon holder, but then a bag of cookie cutters fell on my head when I opened a cabinet. Annoying, right? I had two gallon bags filled with cookie cutters and more in the "baking gear" drawer. This season I plan on sending food packs for Christmas instead of actual presents because we're poor saving for a house. I decided to come up with a way to hold all my cookie making gear and Boom! My great idea was born. The best part was this entire project cost me about 40 cents. Yes, I said 40 cents! Now, it was actually 5 bucks for the picture frame hangers but they're each 20 cents and I know for sure I'll be using them for other projects I have in mind.

I actually got to use power tools for this project! I was so excited to finally bust out my jigsaw. I needed a sander, a drill with a drill bit that was the size of my dowel pieces, my jigsaw, eye protection and mouth cover.

I used my dumpster dived shelf, a long dowel I had laying around, paint from a failed project and some spare scrapbook paper. The only thing I bought was the picture frame hangers. I first pried off the decorative edging on the bottom. Then, I decided to drill out my holes for my dowels on top. I wrapped the drill bit with some masking tape so I wouldn't drill through the top of the shelf.

After that I sanded down the shelf. Not a lot actually because the paint I used had primer/paint combo. After I sanded and wiped down, I measured out my dowel pieces then used my jigsaw to cut them. You could also buy dowels in the wood crafts section that are all uniform. I just used the piece of sandpaper from the sander to sand off the rough edges.

After that, I used the handle of a paintbrush to dip into the wood glue, then into the hole. I then dipped the dowel in the wood glue, then put into the holes.

Finally, I wiped down the excess glue and let it dry for a bit. I then painted with Valspar primer/paint combo in Ultra White eggshell finish. It's good, but you need very thin coats and allow to dry between coats. I couldn't get the bottom shelf to become fully white, so I added scrapbook paper. I don't know how I cut it out to fit so well, but I totally did and mod-podged it on. Go me!

So in the end, all of this:

Went to this:

I got the little green organizers months ago at Dollar Tree. They were a 3pk for a dollar. They're perfect for the mini cookie cutters and all the sprinkles and colored sugar I had. If I ever get more cookie cutters, I'm going to string a ribbon under the bottom to thread them on. I have the idea in my head, but I think I'm good on cookie cutters. Unless I find ROBOT COOKIE CUTTERS!

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Kayla A. said...

I freaking love it!! We don't ever find anything good in the dumpsters around here, totally jealous! =]

Christina said...

At least I don't feel alone anymore about the cupboard-contents-falling-on-your-head thing. Ouch! Good solution :)

More Style Than Cash said...

This is SO smart! I also keep my cookie cutters in gallon bags but at Christmas I have a small tree in the kitchen and I use the cookie cutters as ornaments (I should post a photo of that this year!)

Vicky said...

What a great excuse to make cookies. Love how you rescued the shelf! I am a new follower from Blue Cricket Design. Vicky @

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