Thursday, September 15, 2011

Did you know I love these cups?

If you don't have these:

You're most likely wasting money. Back when I actually had a job, I had the task of making lunches for both Todd and I. Being that I prefer to sleep in until the last possible moment, lunch-making was a real pain in my butt. I had to make it more streamline, so I started buying a crapload of single serve items. Single serve yogurt, single serve fruit cups, single serve peanut butter... you get the idea. While picking up more lunch stuff, I came across these little Gladware cups at Target, on sale. I bought a few packs of them thinking they'd be handy to have around the house.

They saved. my. life.

They also saved my bank account! Sugar free fruit cups were about 3 dollars for 4 cups. That's 75 cents a serving. With the investment of these cups, I could buy a big jar of fruit for 2 dollars and portion it out to 5 cups coming to 40 cents a cup! Oh, and yogurt? Buy a 32oz. tub of yogurt (8 1/2c. servings in one tub) for 2 bucks and it becomes 25 cents a serving! You can even jazz them up by adding some canned or frozen fruit to the cup before adding the yogurt. Yum!

Some more pros to these: Portion control. Each holds a 1/2 cup. They're dishwasher safe and cheap enough so if Todd leaves them in the car for a month (it's happened) I won't cry if I throw away without opening.

You can take this:

And turn them into this:

Use a little piece of masking tape to label the top. If you're counting calories, you can add the count as well:

Pop them in the fridge! I use Dollar Tree plastic storage containers in my fridge. We keep the sandwich fixings and junk food in the produce drawers and the fresh veggies, fruits and snacks on the shelf. Makes healthy snacking a lot easier when you can see it!

What else can these little cups be used for? Here's a list!
- Dips such as hummus, salsa, ranch
- Homemade baby food (you can freeze them in the container as well!)
- Jello and pudding. One box can make up to 4 servings
- Peanut butter for dipping
- Applesauce
- Cooked rice
- Veggies such as peas, chopped carrots, corn
- Nuts and seeds
- Dry cereal for toddler snacking
- Trail mix
- Fresh/canned/frozen fruit and berries
- Soften up some ice cream and portion out into cups. Put lid on and freeze. Makes wonderful portion control ice cream. (have you seen that the Ben and Jerry ones are sometimes over a dollar each?! Ridiculous)

And some non-food related news: You can find these in the baby section at Dollar Tree.

I don't like to use those for food... mostly because I can't get the lids off easily! Use these cups for:
- Craft organization
- Brush rinsing water cups for painting projects
- Kid friendly paint cups (cut a hole in the top big enough for a paintbrush. Fill with washable poster paint and put the lid back on. Give to kiddo to go to town! Do the same for the brush rinsing cup as well)
- Poke some holes in the bottom and use for seedlings. Put the cup lid underneath to catch a bit of the water
- If the lid is good and tight, poke numerous small holes in the top (could use a sharp thick needle or a nail). Use as a glitter shaker.
- Use as a jewelry holder for traveling. Put small post earrings or necklaces so they don't get lost in your bag.
- Office organization.

See? The possibilities are endless for such an inexpensive item.

I'm linking up to Infarrantly Creative's Great Ideas linky party.

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Amanda said...

i did this recently with small containors and love it!! saving me tons of money too.. my boys love applesauce in it

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