Monday, August 22, 2011

This kitchen table of mine...

This is our second free table. The first was a farm style table that we found by the dumpster at the apartment complex across the street. Todd actually carried over the table and I drove the chair we also snagged (it's in the back of the table).  Free is always a favorite price for me! Then our downstairs neighbors moved out and left this round table by the dumpster. Todd, once again, took our old table down and brought up the new round table. Isn't is just lovely? I mean that in a somewhat nice way.

This table has been a thorn in my side. First, we needed chairs. We had one, then we bought that green one at Goodwill for 10 bucks. When my sister and her boyfriend visited, we had two chairs, a computer chair and a folding chair. Oh yes, we're classy like that! Just yesterday we found those two oak chairs. They're sturdy and heavy and I reeeeeeally wish they had 4 of them and not just 2. They were 13 dollars each at Thrift Town, but with my 5 dollars off coupon it came to about 21 bucks. So the total cost of our table set is 31 dollars. Not. Too. Shabby!

But I'm an avid HGTV watcher and I cannot even fathom leaving this as-is. The free chair has a cushion, missing arms and needs a bit of hole patching. The green chair needs to be sanded down or stripped. The oak chairs are in the best condition but I dislike the stain... so that's more sanding!

This was my idea for the table top. White with gray stripes. In fact, I all ready bought the dark gray paint!
Then I imagined piling the center with tons of silver candlesticks and maybe a silver vase. You can find a ton of silver at thrift shops! This is a pic of my idea that I snagged from google images.

Silver is so sophisticated and classic but dramatic. I loved this idea!

But now I feel like it may be too "fancypants" for us. I mean, we have dog crates in the kitchen for crying out loud! I'm still so confused as to what I should do. I saw that someone painted their tabletop with chalkboard paint which is pretty freaking awesome, but it would make more sense if we had kids to appreciate it. As it is, we haven't sat at our table since Thanksgiving! I'm a sucker for cool tones like turquoise, green, violet but then with bright pops like yellow or orange. I always think I'm supposed to be fancy, but then I find myself drawn to kitsch like robots and 60s-70s decor items. *sigh*

So there's my problem: what should I do? I wanted to have it painted before my sister and her boyfriend visited, but it's not going to happen. The primer takes seven days to cure. I think for now I should leave it be and finish up our bedroom. That's going to be a fun before and after!

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Kayla A. said...

A comment about the gray stripes and silver accents being a little too "fancypants" - maybe you could still paint your table the way you want it, and still have your silver candlesticks and vases, but then have your candles be bright bursts of different bright colors? Orange, yellow, teal, purple candles and some bright flowers, to tie in with the rest of the bright tones you love? =]

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