Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crafting for me... finally!

First and foremost: I love that etsy has a new posting set up. At first I thought it would be annoying but not so much! I love their new question asking who made it and what is it. It may not stop the resellers but hopefully it'll make flagging the resellers a bit easier.

Second of all, I haven't done much crafting for myself in quite some time! Todd and I have been saving as much as we can to buy a house next year. We don't want to re-sign our apartment lease. Because of this, we haven't been doing much spending and that includes avoiding the craft stores unless I have good coupons or I absolutely need something.

Anywho, I came across this super cute top on Craftster and realized I had everything for it! I've been wanting some new clothes but feel tremendous guilt for even going to Ross or Target's clearance section (although I got a free shirt using a $3 off coupon on a 3 dollar clearance shirt!). This top took me about 15 minutes. The longest part was pinning the slippery scarf to the stretchy jersey knit. That's why I'm wearing a belt with it to keep everyone from seeing the wonkiness. I found out my new sewing machine uses my old presser feet so I have a walking foot. For some reason though it speeds the fabric through so quickly that it looks super messy. So here's my super cute top!

I adore it! I haven't had a pink top in quite some time.

1 comment:

Amy said...

That looks awesome on you!! I love it!!

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