Monday, January 24, 2011

Ugly chair rehab part one.

So I have a chair addiction. I love chairs. I can't help but want them. There are three chairs on our porch that I pulled from the trash. I have now bought 4 chairs from thrift shops and 2 chairs from an antique shop (my smoked lucite chairs. LOVE!). Needless to say, they're ugly.

You see, I always see the potential and I have big dreams... but then I never follow through. I know, slaaaaacker.

Tonight I was a bit overwhelmed with the craft-a-thon so I was sitting in my ugly chair. We got rid of our couch a million moons ago so we really only have the chairs. I was zoning out to Anthony Bourdain when I decided to stop being a slouch. I went to the closet, got out of the tools and went to work.

Doesn't this look like a chair from a 70s doctor's office?

Goodwill usually marks up their stuff by a lot. I don't know how many 20 dollar Target bookcases I've seen there for 30 bucks! Sheesh! But, if you find something without a tag, they'll put a sticker on it for something incredibly low. This chair was...

And it's wood! It's totally coated but it is wood. I took my screwdriver and pried out a few of the plugs in the screwholes.

Then I ruined a few that didn't need to be taken out...

But I got it taken apart! YAY!

I busted out my birthday sander and got started. Went through one piece of sandpaper and barely made a dent in the side of the chair. EEP! Todd isn't thrilled that I continue to take apart my seating. hehehe... I also took apart our ottoman and haven't reupholstered it yet.

I'm thinking yellow and gray? Our apartment is so dark that I don't want another dark color. Maybe a gray and turqoise? Hehe... can't decide. I need David Bromstad! I need Genevieve Gorder!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Oh, yellow and gray sounds wonderful!!
I love bright colors mixed with dark ones. :)
I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's done!

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