Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ugly chair gone byebye!

So remember this:

It's now this:
And a close up:

I love it. It's my first time upholstering and painting furniture. It has a few mistakes but ya know what? I'm extremely proud of it! It brightens up our drab dark BROWN living room. I look around now and wish we didn't have so many brown dark sad bookcases and black desk and entertainment center. Yuck.

The best part is this project helped me refocus on crafting. Now to clean up the craft room a bit and get back to work in there. :)


Amy said...

Oh I LOVE it! I love the fabric, I love the colors, and I can definitely see how it would brighten up a room!
Awesome job!

Boom Boom Shabam said...

Holy cow, a completely different chair! it looks great.

Misty said...

Good job! You can spray paint thos book cases. Even the particle board ones, I painted one red and put a tension rod across the top shelf and made a curtain.

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