Thursday, January 20, 2011

Onesie cuteness.

I've been hand painting onesies but haven't gotten around to actually seeing how well the paint holds up. So while a few of them are curing, I wanted to post my latest three onesies that I adore.

So if you don't know, I'm a HUGE animal lover. I believe in indoor only/no declawing/spay and neutering/rescue adoption/no breeding/high nutrition etc etc. It's no surprise that I had to do a few animal style baby gear items because I love 'em. These next two onesies are so cute! The first is a hand dyed onesie with pawprints. I used a regular stamp and stamped it but then it didn't stick so I filled in with paint with a tiny paintbrush. In 3 days I'll know whether or not it's okay.

This onesie is also hand dyed but I used fusible web to make an applique. I ironed it in place and apparently it should be fine but I reinforced it with a decorative stitch around the star.

I don't know why I can't get a good pic of this one! Also a hand dyed onesie with a whale applique. According to the family I nanny for, I'm the queen at drawing ocean animals. Todd has given me the challenge of a shark and dolphin. Eep!

I swear the purple isn't that faded!

So I'm gonna go back to crafting. I bought 50 bucks' worth of fabric for only 30. Yay for amazing JoAnn's deals.

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