Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm taking the 400 dollar plunge...

Remember how I quit my full-time job so I could craft more? Well guess what? My part-time "spending money" job has turned into a nearly every day job! lol. I've been over there yesterday, today, tomorrow and then Tuesday through Friday I'll be there in the night and THEN I'll be there Saturday and Sunday. I want a day off!

I have a lot of other stuff I haven't posted to etsy or even here because I've been slammed. Like my ravioli? I like it. It came out adorably. I made a "pesto" as well for them. So cute!

So I'm cranking out crafts as much as possible because I'm making a huge giant leap of out of my comfort zone: I'm applying for the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin, TX. I have until February 4th to take good, quality pictures of my stuff, make a flickr album and post up the 400 bucks. I have to try. I wanted to do this last year and never got the chance. After going to the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago I realized that I have quite a good shot at being accepted.

I love Albuquerque because they have this rich history of creativity. The Native American pottery, the southwestern artscapes but they don't have much of a niche for me. If it isn't turquoise or a horsehead, it can be overlooked.

I'm hoping to get people to think outside of the box when it comes to children's items. Gone are the days of boring pastels. Let's move away from lead covered toys. I absolutely love fabric toys. I can't help but want to buy them for myself! Felt food, soft blocks, squishy stuffed animals... they're so much more inviting than some hard plastic toy.

So I'm hoping I can convey that in my application and I pray I get accepted. If not, that's okay. We get back 375. That's not a bad gamble.

Good luck to me, right?

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Amy said...

Oh that's a HUGE good luck from me!!!! That's so awesome!
I love your crafts, and I love that they're really for any age possible. Also, the ravioli, awesome!
I really hope you get in because that would really be great!

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