Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chicago was amazing!

Todd and I had a wonderful time in Chicago. We flew in Friday and prayed our room was ready for early check in. It was! We stayed at a cheap (97 a night) Travelodge which I would suggest to anyone who doesn't mind a not so updated room! It was amazing! We were close to Millenium park, the l-train lines, and the lake! Friday night we walked over to Buckingham Fountain and over to Millenium park. We went back to the hotel to get ready for the White Sox/Royals game. It was fun! I now believe baseball is only truly enjoyable if you've been drinking!

Saturday we took a 4 hour excursion to find Hot Doug's, a sausage place that serves crazy stuff. We stood in line for an hour after walking 40 minutes to get there. We ate ostrich, foie gras, shrimp/pork, rattlesnake and mozzarella/spinach sausages. They were surprisingly good! The place was featured on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations which made it slightly appealing to go to. I did whine a lot about the walking. lol. We got back to the hotel around 6 and then headed to Navy Pier to take a sailboat ride. It was so fun! Todd found a haunted sailboat ride and it was so silly but fun. It was basically a dude telling ghost stories on the boat. LOVED it.

Sunday was the day. THE DAY!!!!! First, we went to the art museum to do the whole Ferris Bueller's Day Off thing. I'm bad at appreciating art, but I do find it amazing to see artwork featured in books up close in real life. After we left, we wandered off to Division street to seek the whole reason for ME visiting Chicago: RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR!!!!

But of course, I'm not posting what I bought... no no no. Next entry when I can link everyone's goods! After the craft fair we ate at a yummy deep dish pizza place then went to Sears Tower. They have this new thing called the Sky Ledge. It's a clear box that you step into... ohh... 103 stories up! So crazy!!! EEP! Both Todd and I did it but I seriously felt like we were going to fall through.

We came back Monday and I sure did miss my puppies. They loved their sitter and I love their sitter. She's wonderful.

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Amy said...

Aw, sounds awesome!!! I can't wait to see everything you bought! I love Chicago the one time we went. :)

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