Sunday, July 4, 2010

Magnetic paper dolls anyone?

The little girl I watch at night has the coolest toy EVAH! They're wooden dolls with magnetic clothing. Now, I don't have woodworking tools but I do have a small collection of under used scrapbook paper. I got some adhesive magnet sheets. Cut and stick and cut and stick and voila! Magnetic paper doll! I want to make her a metal board to put her on but can't think of anything inexpensive. Any ideas? I was trying to think of some sort of piece of metal that I can attach to a picture frame without the glass. That would be good, right?

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Kira said...

If you can find a way to roll out a big metal coffee can and tape up the edges so they're not sharp, those are magnetic! Also, look out for crappy cookie sheets at the thrift store. Some of the non-aluminum ones are magnetic! Someone you know might even have a junky one hiding in their cupboard. If you find one that's all stained, you can always sand it down or glue scrapbook paper onto it. Your little outfits are so cute :)

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