Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reusuable produce bags.

I can only say that I truly love my new sewing machine. It has 39 stitches! lol. I'm finally able to make things I never could have made without a newer machine I totally miss Bessie, but Charlie really is earning his keep.

Anyway, these are some reusuable produce bags I made. I found this crochet mesh in the clearance section at JoAnn's and it was only a yard. The girl gave it to me half off so 3 bucks for the yard! WOOT! I got six bags out of it with only trimmings left over. I only made four because I need more drawstrings. I used a stitch that closely resembles what a serger might produce. I filled one bag with two gatorade bottles and shook it around and it held really well. WOOT! I'm working on stocking up my etsy shop. I hope to start posting next week! YAY!

I'm currently stuck on my swaps. I really need to get them done, but they're both coming out terribly. Grr...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Magnetic paper dolls anyone?

The little girl I watch at night has the coolest toy EVAH! They're wooden dolls with magnetic clothing. Now, I don't have woodworking tools but I do have a small collection of under used scrapbook paper. I got some adhesive magnet sheets. Cut and stick and cut and stick and voila! Magnetic paper doll! I want to make her a metal board to put her on but can't think of anything inexpensive. Any ideas? I was trying to think of some sort of piece of metal that I can attach to a picture frame without the glass. That would be good, right?
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