Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pancake and eggs and a giveaway!!

I'm seriously loving the play food! It's a blast to make. I'm trying to make a salad but so far it looks so funny. Gotta keep trying! lol.

The talented Ms. Kira of Oops I Craft My Pants is having a giveaway!! Check it out here on how to enter: Her Blog Entry!

Okay, now who wants some breakfast?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nom nom nom... cookies!

I've been trying to make one new thing a day. I made a really cute tote bag from a bedsheet (no pictures yet!) and I worked on felt food. I made cookies! I'm thinking about starting an etsy shop just with all my children stuff. I bought two packs of organic onesies yesterday. I'm currently dying them. I hope they turn out awesome!

I also finally found play food at a thrift shop! I'm keeping the wooden stuff (partly for my future kids and partly because the velcro is in bad condition), but giving all the plastic stuff to the munchkins I nanny for. The play kitchen is a HUGE success. I'm so happy. I bought it thinking the munchkin wouldn't like it but her and her 2yo friend have a blast playing house together. It's adorable. I gave them a few felt cookies I had made. We'll see how well they last. I'm so glad I have "quality testers" at my disposal. lol.

I found plain boxes at the dollar store for my felt memory game. I hope to stop at the craft store tomorrow after work so I can make a few more. They have been such a blast to make!

Anywho, chocolate chip and sugar cookies. I'm going to work on making a "salad" tomorrow while at work. I'll only have 3 of my 6 tomorrow so I'll have sewing time. Also, the 13yo is proving to be quite crafty. I love bringing over stuff for her to craft with. Plus, I explained to my bosses that I want to really work on crafting more and they understand. I've been dreaming about opening a store to sell handmade stuff from around the world and have a room dedicated to teaching people to craft. It would be AMAZING!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fabric memory game and other stuff!

Today was a fun day. Todd and I got lots of hanging out time. It was great!

I saw those fabric memory games on craftster and had to attempt one. I picked up animal pattern felt at Hobby Lobby and gave it a go.

My sewing machine is slowing dying a death. Cannot get my tension to stay right. I'm so sad. I love my sewing machine. Todd said I can go find another one but it needs to be on the less expensive side.

Anywho... here is my super awesome memory game. I think it's so adorable!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

freezer paper stencils are awesome!

So I got some freezer paper and fabric paint to do some stenciling. I still have my nephew's baby gifts here at my house, and I had two onesies left to do something to. I'm currently embroidering a virgin mary onesie, so these two needed to be taken care of.

The picture from my phone doesn't give the right colors. The green is more of a mint green with a pink octopus and the other is a baby blue with purple stars.

Todd asked if I was going to make these for our future kids. Haha... should I go buy a pack of onesies this weekend and scare the crud out of him?
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