Friday, November 12, 2010

I love the dollar store!

I made this wreath from Dollar Tree stuff. I got a wicker wreath, a garland and a battery light set. The light set kinda sucks. It doesn't light up too brightly. Anyway, I took the wire garland and wrapped it around the wreath, then I attached the light strip and glued the battery pack to back of it. I found these mini ornaments in Target's dollar section last year so I attached them with wire ornament hooks.  I'll probably rearrange the balls better they look funny.

You can barely see the lights on this. :( It looks better in pitch black. The upside is this project cost me only 4 bucks! Wreath, garland, light set, batteries. I had the ornaments and wire hooks all ready. I'm all ready decorating for Christmas. I LOVE Christmas. It's my favorite time of the year!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Eep, I love these bibs. So bright, so colorful, so big! :) I still have to sew on the snaps, but I'm so proud of these cuties!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A whale of a tale!

"Oh look! A whale! You know, I can speak whale."

Life over here has been extremely weird. Things are going crazy and my head is about to fall off. Let's just say, if there's ever been a sign that I NEED to make crafting a paying gig, then this is it. It's October, the usual kick-off for Christmas shopping and I gotta get my butt in gear like whoa.

The baby munchkin I nanny for is now one whole year old! I made her this whale as a present. I think I could improve on it but I did the drawing it out myself and I cannot believe how cute it came out! I love his little whale tail. :) Todd loved it so much that he gave me permission to buy more fabric so I can make some more! Expect to see more whales and maybe a jellyfish or an owl.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What I've been up to...

I promise to show pics of what I got at the Renegade craft fair, but I need to find all the info as to who made what. I want to do a proper post with links and whatnot. I've been quite a busy bee. I signed up for my first ever craft fair and I don't have nearly enough stuff to sell.

First I made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich... just to fuel the ole crafting engine...

Then I cranked out 11 pairs of baby pants. They're so flipping adorable!

After those I made a couple felt fabric matching games and a couple packs of flannel baby butt wipes. Most cloth diaper users in the area also use cloth wipes. I sure as heck can't make cloth diapers but I CAN make cloth wipes!

After all's said and done... I have what I posted and then some felt food that I had posted previously. Still working on awesome stuff but it's exhausting when ya work two jobs and have a husband who's been working way more than you which leaves you to fend for yourself and the dogs and yeah... :)

I'm extremely excited for my first craft fair. I ordered business cards (thanks vistaprint!) and I'm printing out cute price/info tags. I'm still at a loss as to what I should charge. I'll be browsing etsy this weekend to see. Speaking of Etsy, once I get enough stuff made I'll be posting to etsy again! Different shop, different angle, very exciting.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chicago was amazing!

Todd and I had a wonderful time in Chicago. We flew in Friday and prayed our room was ready for early check in. It was! We stayed at a cheap (97 a night) Travelodge which I would suggest to anyone who doesn't mind a not so updated room! It was amazing! We were close to Millenium park, the l-train lines, and the lake! Friday night we walked over to Buckingham Fountain and over to Millenium park. We went back to the hotel to get ready for the White Sox/Royals game. It was fun! I now believe baseball is only truly enjoyable if you've been drinking!

Saturday we took a 4 hour excursion to find Hot Doug's, a sausage place that serves crazy stuff. We stood in line for an hour after walking 40 minutes to get there. We ate ostrich, foie gras, shrimp/pork, rattlesnake and mozzarella/spinach sausages. They were surprisingly good! The place was featured on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations which made it slightly appealing to go to. I did whine a lot about the walking. lol. We got back to the hotel around 6 and then headed to Navy Pier to take a sailboat ride. It was so fun! Todd found a haunted sailboat ride and it was so silly but fun. It was basically a dude telling ghost stories on the boat. LOVED it.

Sunday was the day. THE DAY!!!!! First, we went to the art museum to do the whole Ferris Bueller's Day Off thing. I'm bad at appreciating art, but I do find it amazing to see artwork featured in books up close in real life. After we left, we wandered off to Division street to seek the whole reason for ME visiting Chicago: RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR!!!!

But of course, I'm not posting what I bought... no no no. Next entry when I can link everyone's goods! After the craft fair we ate at a yummy deep dish pizza place then went to Sears Tower. They have this new thing called the Sky Ledge. It's a clear box that you step into... ohh... 103 stories up! So crazy!!! EEP! Both Todd and I did it but I seriously felt like we were going to fall through.

We came back Monday and I sure did miss my puppies. They loved their sitter and I love their sitter. She's wonderful.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reusuable produce bags.

I can only say that I truly love my new sewing machine. It has 39 stitches! lol. I'm finally able to make things I never could have made without a newer machine I totally miss Bessie, but Charlie really is earning his keep.

Anyway, these are some reusuable produce bags I made. I found this crochet mesh in the clearance section at JoAnn's and it was only a yard. The girl gave it to me half off so 3 bucks for the yard! WOOT! I got six bags out of it with only trimmings left over. I only made four because I need more drawstrings. I used a stitch that closely resembles what a serger might produce. I filled one bag with two gatorade bottles and shook it around and it held really well. WOOT! I'm working on stocking up my etsy shop. I hope to start posting next week! YAY!

I'm currently stuck on my swaps. I really need to get them done, but they're both coming out terribly. Grr...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Magnetic paper dolls anyone?

The little girl I watch at night has the coolest toy EVAH! They're wooden dolls with magnetic clothing. Now, I don't have woodworking tools but I do have a small collection of under used scrapbook paper. I got some adhesive magnet sheets. Cut and stick and cut and stick and voila! Magnetic paper doll! I want to make her a metal board to put her on but can't think of anything inexpensive. Any ideas? I was trying to think of some sort of piece of metal that I can attach to a picture frame without the glass. That would be good, right?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pancake and eggs and a giveaway!!

I'm seriously loving the play food! It's a blast to make. I'm trying to make a salad but so far it looks so funny. Gotta keep trying! lol.

The talented Ms. Kira of Oops I Craft My Pants is having a giveaway!! Check it out here on how to enter: Her Blog Entry!

Okay, now who wants some breakfast?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nom nom nom... cookies!

I've been trying to make one new thing a day. I made a really cute tote bag from a bedsheet (no pictures yet!) and I worked on felt food. I made cookies! I'm thinking about starting an etsy shop just with all my children stuff. I bought two packs of organic onesies yesterday. I'm currently dying them. I hope they turn out awesome!

I also finally found play food at a thrift shop! I'm keeping the wooden stuff (partly for my future kids and partly because the velcro is in bad condition), but giving all the plastic stuff to the munchkins I nanny for. The play kitchen is a HUGE success. I'm so happy. I bought it thinking the munchkin wouldn't like it but her and her 2yo friend have a blast playing house together. It's adorable. I gave them a few felt cookies I had made. We'll see how well they last. I'm so glad I have "quality testers" at my disposal. lol.

I found plain boxes at the dollar store for my felt memory game. I hope to stop at the craft store tomorrow after work so I can make a few more. They have been such a blast to make!

Anywho, chocolate chip and sugar cookies. I'm going to work on making a "salad" tomorrow while at work. I'll only have 3 of my 6 tomorrow so I'll have sewing time. Also, the 13yo is proving to be quite crafty. I love bringing over stuff for her to craft with. Plus, I explained to my bosses that I want to really work on crafting more and they understand. I've been dreaming about opening a store to sell handmade stuff from around the world and have a room dedicated to teaching people to craft. It would be AMAZING!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fabric memory game and other stuff!

Today was a fun day. Todd and I got lots of hanging out time. It was great!

I saw those fabric memory games on craftster and had to attempt one. I picked up animal pattern felt at Hobby Lobby and gave it a go.

My sewing machine is slowing dying a death. Cannot get my tension to stay right. I'm so sad. I love my sewing machine. Todd said I can go find another one but it needs to be on the less expensive side.

Anywho... here is my super awesome memory game. I think it's so adorable!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

freezer paper stencils are awesome!

So I got some freezer paper and fabric paint to do some stenciling. I still have my nephew's baby gifts here at my house, and I had two onesies left to do something to. I'm currently embroidering a virgin mary onesie, so these two needed to be taken care of.

The picture from my phone doesn't give the right colors. The green is more of a mint green with a pink octopus and the other is a baby blue with purple stars.

Todd asked if I was going to make these for our future kids. Haha... should I go buy a pack of onesies this weekend and scare the crud out of him?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baybeh toys!

I freehanded some baby toys tonight. One is a square tag with a rattler in it (from a dog toy I destuffed for Ninja) and the triangle has little ribbons hanging from it and has a tiny bell inside. It's not too loud but still makes a tinkling noise. I just used what I had on hand. I have to remember the website where you can buy these little add-ins. I've been having fun making stuff for my great niece.

Dear god my kitchen is a mess!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Is baby fever contagious?" "For your sake, I hope not!"

So I got this sew easy baby bootie pattern at JoAnns the other day and they're right: it's sew easy! lol. I tried it out on craft felt, but I HATE how loose craft felt feels so these were practice booties. I think I'll be thrift shopping this weekend to find some wool sweaters and felt that. I cannot wait to decorate them more. I want to make them a bit fancier with some prettiness.

My great niece will be adorably clad in booties! If anyone else is having a baby, they will have booties as well! lol.

And me, with my lovely wavy hair that went flat halfway through the day. My hair doesn't hold curl. EVER! I must get to bed now.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh how I've missed crafting!

This is the purse and stuff I sent to my angel swap partner. I hope she likes it! I always worry that I'll make something that someone will just hate! I pray the chocolate does not melt like crazy. I told her she may have to refridgerate them before eating. I was smart enough to put everything in baggies to keep from leaking on the bag! It's a large tote I made using a really easy but awesome pattern.

Some of the jewelry I made this weekend. I need to take better pics because they all came out too dark. I asked my bestie if she would help me out by posting during the day for me and fixing some of my pics. Once I get more stuff made I hope to be able to post a lot more often. Also, I want to make enough to send in to The Sampler.

Okay, here is all my jewelry!
Ganesha Necklace with blue glass beads on silver chain.

Tin pendant with pink beads on silver chain.

Silver elephant with a pink jade bead, pink beads on a silver chain. (my fave!)

Adorable scissor bird with black beads that I linked hanging on a silver chain.

Blue ice cube beads that I canNOT get a good pic of!

Blue beaded cuff bracelet. Love these!

Love these earrings! Turquoise metal charms with a turquoise colored bead.

Brown and gold beaded wrap bracelet. Love the no clasp bracelets. :)

Wooden teardrop beads with a cranberry bead inside.

Major green beaded wrap bracelet. I keep thinking it will fall apart!

Purple beaded bracelet with clasp. I'm not too thrilled with the closure.

Green beaded cuff bracelet.

Tons of stuff! EEP!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

And crafting..

I've been doing a lot crafting. I joined my first swap on Craftster (so Trix_Ska, if you're reading, STOP! Spoiler inside!). It's a Mexican Kitsch swap.

The pictures are crappy cell phone quality.

The grouping:

The Maria shrine with a handmade rosary:

The earrings I made out of Virgin Mary milagros:

The box I'm putting the earrings in. It was a mint box I found at the dollar store and added the sequins and loteria card:

The crosses I sequined and glittered and put a milagro in the center of them:

The mirror I also sequined and glued two crosses on:

I have a few more ideas for my partner, so I'm still dragging my feet about shipping it out. I have until April first to ship out and considering we live in the same city, I doubt it'll take too long! :) I can't wait to do another swap!
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