Sunday, June 30, 2013

Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin!

Hey all! Google Reader is closing tomorrow. Please follow me using Bloglovin. I really love this blog reader. It's super easy to import all your blogs.

You can follow me by clicking that little icon on the right of your screen.

Plus, you don't want to miss any of my blog. I know I have been a total suckfest by not updating, but please bear with me. I am working a lot of hours, and when I get home I pretty much just lay comatose in front of Family Guy reruns.

But no more! My hours will even out this week (at least, that's what I'm hoping!) and because of my new income, I can actually afford to work on some projects!

Including something that may have to do with this:

And is it just me, or is everyone else pretty much hating how Pinterest embedding doesn't work anymore? I couldn't get that crap to work for the life of me. The Hubs is trying to be nice to me, but I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm crazy arguing with my computer.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Back from Florida!

I got back from Florida on Wednesday. After giving her the idea, my sister currently has to make about 12 of these:

Just to give you an idea: We went through 1100 pins to make 2 cubes. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I need to get new glasses because all of the staring has messed up my eyes. Thankfully, it's so freaking awesome that we're okay with how tedious the project is! There will also be a photobooth, chicken wings and great music in the warehouse of a local brewery.
May I get remarried?

Monday, April 22, 2013

What did I do on Sunday? I got colorful!

Remember a billion years ago when I mentioned all my New Year resolutions?

Well, I just accomplished one on Sunday!

I ran my first ever 5k. Okay, running is an overstatement. I jogged/speed walked/sprinted/whimpered my way through it. Only half a mile in my shin started to throb. I have shin splints from all the running I've been doing. I get to buy new shoes!

Before we started. So clean!

Anyway, we ran the Color Me Rad 5k and it was a blast! For those who aren't familiar with Color Me Rad (Or The Color Run, The Graffiti Run, Color Mob, etc), you run a 5k and at checkpoints you get pelted with color cornstarch or color water spray. In the end, you look like a rainbow and your boogers are the color of Skittles. If you're a mouth breather like me, clench your mouth shut or you'll have multi-color teeth.

Even though I had to walk a good portion of it, I ended up finishing under an hour. I won't lie, I cried during the first mile and a half. My shin was burning, and even though I said I was only going to do it for fun, I started hating how slow I was. Around the 2 mile mark, a family standing along the line high fived me. It was just what I needed to get myself going again. Someone also smacked The Hubs' butt and said, "Good going!" Oh, Albuquirky...

So I finished, and I was filthy, but so so proud.

And I may be contemplating another 5k toward the end of the year. I like having something to train for. I hope next year I will kick way more booty. Another resolution was to try running one mile without stopping. I still have a way to go, but I'll get there!

And we're going to see how well Tide works. My poor sports bra got tie dyed.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Where the Hell-O Operator Have I Been?

I have been a busy little bee. Sorta. Okay, not really. Well, a little.

Trying to finish up things before I go back to work. Baby munchkin will either show her face on the 24th or sooner.

I've been training for this:

And preparing for my trip to see my sister who lives here:

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